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Published: 18 years ago
This is a reply to # 344,629 U have anything that could pass for evidence?

The appearance of K.Trudeau on infomercials is sensationalism to you. What evidence do you list to back this statement up. I didn't see any. Why don't you amuse and surprize the readers here with some?

According to what you posted, you feel that people who watch the infomercial on TV, then buy the $30 book, then go to a website similar to CureZone to read the details on how to carry out the (body) cleansings Trudeau talks about, to learn what result(s) to expect, is vulgar to you.

What if a lot of people don't agree with you? They may believe that knowledge comes from experience rather than name calling, a characteristic you have if you read back through your posts.

I have listed definitions of sensationalism so you will know how to back up the claims you make in a more empirical way the next time you use the word. What do you accept as evidence (for it)?

found 3 hits - Term: sensationalism, Database: *, Strategy: exact

[1] : The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48

Sensationalism \Sen*sa"tion*al*ism\, n.
1. (Metaph.) The doctrine held by Condillac, and by some
ascribed to Locke, that our ideas originate solely in
sensation, and consist of sensations transformed;
sensualism; -- opposed to intuitionalism, and
[1913 Webster]

2. The practice or methods of sensational writing or
speaking; as, the sensationalism of a novel.
[1913 Webster]

See also: [intuitionalism] [rationalism]
[2] : WordNet (r) 2.0

n 1: subject matter that is calculated to excite and please
vulgar tastes
2: the journalistic use of subject matter that appeals to
vulgar tastes; "the tabloids relied on sensationalism to
maintain their circulation" [syn: luridness]
3: (philosophy) the ethical doctrine that feeling is the only
criterion for what is good [syn: sensualism]
4: (philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge derives from
experience [syn: empiricism, empiricist philosophy]

See also: [luridness] [sensualism] [empiricism] [empiricist philosophy]
[3] : Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0

148 Moby Thesaurus words for "sensationalism":
Barnumism, Thespian art, affectation, aggrandizement,
amateur theatricals, amplification, ballyhoo, bedizenment,
big talk, blatancy, blood and thunder, blowing up, brazenness,
burlesque, caricature, colorfulness, convolution, crudeness, dash,
dazzle, dazzlingness, demonstrativeness, dilatation, dilation,
dramatic art, dramatic form, dramatic irony, dramatic stroke,
dramatic structure, dramaticism, dramatics, dramatism, dramaturgy,
emotional appeal, emotionalism, emotionality, emotionalization,
emotionalizing, emotiveness, emotivity, enhancement, enlargement,
exaggerating, exaggeration, excess, exorbitance, expansion,
extravagance, extravaganza, extravagation, extreme, flagrancy,
flamboyance, flashiness, flatulence, flatulency, fulsomeness,
gaiety, garishness, gaudery, gaudiness, glare, glitter,
gorgeousness, grandiloquence, grandioseness, grandiosity,
heightening, high-flown diction, histrionics, histrionism,
huckstering, human interest, hyperbole, hyperbolism, inflatedness,
inflation, inordinacy, jauntiness, jazziness, lexiphanicism,
loftiness, loudness, love interest, luridness, magnification,
magniloquence, making scenes, melodrama, melodramatics,
mere rhetoric, meretriciousness, nonrationalness, obtrusiveness,
orotundity, ostentation, ostentatious complexity, overemphasis,
overestimation, overkill, overstatement, panache,
platitudinous ponderosity, play construction,
polysyllabic profundity, pomposity, pompous prolixity, pompousness,
pontification, pretension, pretentiousness, prodigality,
profuseness, prose run mad, puffery, puffing up, rhetoric,
rhetoricalness, sententiousness, shamelessness, showiness,
sportiness, staginess, stiltedness, stretching, superlative,
swelling utterance, swollen phrase, swollenness, tall talk,
tawdriness, theatricalism, theatricality, theatricals, theatricism,
theatrics, tortuosity, tortuousness, touting, travesty, tumidity,
tumidness, turgescence, turgidity, unreasoningness, visceralness,
vulgarness, yellow journalism


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