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i got another email from dr. tangent

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rpaguirigan Views: 3,660
Published: 16 years ago

i got another email from dr. tangent

From: drtangent
To: rpaguirigan
Date: 10/21/2005 11:01:30 PM
Subject:Response to your open letter
Reference URL:

Regarding your open letter to Matt Koehler's Minnesota Daily column, I offer you two questions, to which I hope you respond.

1) Do you honestly believe cancer, type I diabetes, viruses and multiple sclerosis can be CURED? A lifestyle change can cure these things? Mr. Trudeau advertises this idea in nearly all of his infomercials (available on his website).

2) What makes you trust the lifestyle advice of a professional infomercialist (who only ten years ago was doing vacuum commercials)? What about the mysterious lack of sources in his book?

1) im not aware that trudeau expressly stated that he has the cure for cancer in his book or in the infomercials.

according to joel fuhrman, m.d., in his book, --fasting and eating for health-a medical doctors program for conquering disease--, "cancers are generally unregulated growths. their behavior is uncontrolled, and the cells multiply rapidly, disseminate (metastasize), and invade surrounding structures. factors such as hormones, adequacy of blood supply, and various unknown influences can affect their growth".

in this light, and given the fact that most of my knowledge is focused on prevention, i cant honestly state that i believe cancer can be cured through natural/alternative means at this time. although the body has the inate ability to heal itself if its efforts are not thwarted by the abuse we impose upon it (through the choices we make), according to dr. fuhrman, "the body has less influence over the behavior of cancerous tumors, which often seem to have their own independent agenda".

therefore, as the body's natural defenses have no control, i suppose this would render natural cures, which rely on the body's natural defenses, ineffective. in my opinion the lifestyle changes in chapter 6 can prevent the cancer from manifesting itself to begin with which is why people should wake up to the fact that prevention is not just important, but absolutely critical to their future health and well-being. regardless of the diminished prospects for healing; for people with cancer, the methods in chapter 6 would serve to at least ease pain or lessen discomfort.

i dont know much about type 1 diabetes and viruses but in his book "never be sick again", author raymond frances refers to studies linking multiple sclerosis to milk consumption (among other things), which again, illustrates my point about the significance of lifestyle choices (in this case choosing to drink milk) in the prevention or manifestation of a certain disease. again, i want to reiterate, and this is important, that my focus is mostly on prevention and it is my sincere belief that following the recommendations in chapter 6 can prevent such diseases, or in the least ensure the body's well-being and ability to combat future outbreaks.

2) i trust trudeau's advice because he is only a "messenger". the theories and information contained in the book did not originate from him and not many people can successfully argue the message. he is merely passing along the advice, lifestyle changes and methods pioneered and/or advocated over the years by numerous reputable individuals and authors. although their work has not garnered even a mere fraction of what trudeau has managed in terms of publicity and, in my opinion, do not receive their due credit by even trudeau himself, their work at least is becoming more well known within the mainstream now because of trudeaus efforts, no less.

i suspect that the lack of sources is not because there are none (there are literally hundreds as indicated above), but perhaps because trudeau chose to omit them. this is perhaps where trudeau's shrewd businessman tactics show; much to my dismay and the chagrin of a lot of pro-alt health people.

lastly, with regards to trudeau's exposing the FTC, FDA, AMA and media for what they really are, he undoubtedly knows what he is talking about. to all you people who continue to hound trudeau as a criminal who did jail time, just remember this; trudeau may have been considered a criminal at one time but "it takes one to know one". case closed.


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