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HELP me to start being healthy!
mountainluvr Views: 856
Published: 17 years ago

HELP me to start being healthy!

I stumbled onto this site last week when I was looking for Acne help online. Let me first say that I was INSTANTLY hooked...this site is AMAZING! I didn't realize how unhealthy I really was; and didn't realize how much harm western medicine has done to me! To give you a very short summary of my personal history, I am a 24 year old female. I am at a point in my life where my body is very out of whack; I have been perscribed so many things and now I am spinning out of control...I've been given pain killers, birthcontrol pills that are changed every month, Antibiotics for almost a YEAR, etc. etc. The temporary fixes given to me by my doctors are no longer working and my body is now showing it...recently I've been experiencing acne, tooth decay, severe constipation (and have regularly been taking laxatives to remedy), mood swings, etc. etc. I now believe that my long list of symptoms is irrelevant because they are all most likely coming from the same unhealthy lifestyle.

Last weekend I did a one day diet change...I drank only water and grape juice (I made at home from organic grapes) and ate salad with tuna fish. I had intended the day to be a fast; but my years of bad habbits and weak will power made that impossible. Believe it or not, I felt great and saw a difference in my acne! But now here we are one week later and after Thanksgiving serveral LARGE meals later; and I am back to feeling "off" and sure enough the Acne is coming back. This is proof enough for me that there is something to all of this and I WANT TO CHANGE MY WAYS...I've been reading for so many hours that my husband is starting to get angry...I am on information OVERLOAD! Somebody out there, PLEASE HELP ME!!! Changing years of bad habbits over night seems impossible; and I just don't know where to start. I want to start by eating more healthy; but I don't even know what to buy! I don't know what is healthy to eat anymore! I've seen so many suppliments advertised my head is spinning. So my question to all of you is this...could you please just start me off with some very basic guidelines of how to ease myself into a new way of life. I would like to start slow and grow from there.

I would like to start by addressing some very basic issues; my constipation and acne. (I have stopped my Antibiotics .) If you could please let me know what are some things I can buy at the grocery store...what are some healthy foods/meals/recipes that would be an easy starting place? What are a one or two suppliments that I could purchase to get me started on the right path? I'm afraid if someone doesn't help me process all this new information I will just give up and keep living as I am and killing myself slowly. Thanks so much!!!!

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