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Lots of symptoms seem to be getting worse, help...LONG
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Published: 16 years ago

Lots of symptoms seem to be getting worse, help...LONG

Hello everyone, God bless this site I've learned so much here and get great comfort from just knowing it is here. Here is my situation (warning: the following includes some female gyn talk and some descriptions of gross things).....

About two years ago a few things happened that were followed by symptoms, which aren't going away. My questions are
1) Before I had the symptoms I describe below I worked in a pet store for two days and handled a lot of what are called "bull sticks." These are actually dried penises of bulls and I guess dogs like to chew on them. At one point I put my finger in my mouth before remembering to wash my hands, and then, I think it was about a few weeks later, I developed the symptoms described below of what i thought was an infection. Could I have caught anything weird from the bulls?

2)I was once just lying on my bed naked and my cat jumped on me and his foot went right into that spot between the vaginal lips (sorry, I know this is graphic, but I must explain) Can I have picked anything bizarre up this way.

First, I developed what I thought was a vaginal yeast infection
and I began treating it by trying some herbal remedies, eating yoghurt and applying it topically and taking probiotics. During this time it didn't get better and one day I remember waking up and feeling like the inside of my vagina was burning up. I went to see two doctors. ( I don't normally go to doctors) The burning had subsided by this time...Both told me that they didn't see symptoms of yeast infection. One diagnosed "vaginitis" and was honest enough to say that that is the term gyn's use when they don't know what you have. He said that the uterus seemed to have changed shape. (Maybe some scarring? I have no idea) He prescribed Antibiotics (BTW he was the best gyn I had ever been to but I could not continue seeing him because he was practicing at a free clinic, which I went to because I didn't have money to see a private gyn) I took the anti biotics for one day but then decided to not take them and to fast. I fasted for 5 days and it was very difficult. On day five of the fast I passed out. I still thought I'd done the right thing by not taking the antibio's. I'd fasted before so this did not frighten me, however, I was a little uneasy about how hard the fast was from day one. At any rate I think I may have gone another day or two and then began eating. Since then, besides occasional short fasts over the past two years, I have at various times taken oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, put garlic into my veggie juices, eaten tons of garlic, cut out most sweets, eaten raw. Maybe I haven't done anything long enough? I ususally do these things for a couple of weeks or so. Here's some more details of symptoms, which I don't know if it is related or not: Starting a little earlier than these vaginal symptoms, my poop was becoming strange. I attributed this to stress, but it has not changed back to normal except for some very brief periods. It has been not quite soft or liquidy but has been kind of wierd looking. It has the appearance of cooked oatmeal formed into the shape of poop. The color has been at times very light like mustard, at times dark brown with a small area of black. It has also been very slimey, even greasy. I have noticed that my digestion has been progressively changing. I began feeling nausea after eating certain foods (eg: vegan choc chip cookies) beginning two years ago or so, and for the last few days I have been feeling like my stomach is burning inside. Not horribly, but that word describes it. A few months ago, I noticed some tightness in what I would say is where my liver is. I have been eating really cleanly, and for the past 4 to 5 years have eaten lots of dandelion salads which are very good for the liver. What is starting to really worry me is that in the past few days my liver and stomach seem to be kind of cramping a little. I feel slight pain in my liver when walking, especially when my right leg moves forward. Also, I have been letting out little belches throughout the day, which I've never done in my life. My vision which has always been better than 20/20 has also changed quite a bit and I now have to hold things far away for me to read.

I have been a very healthy female and am now 46 years old. I developed Arthritis in my left foot over ten years ago and there was some change to the bone on the top of my foot. Also there were some capillaries that became very visible around the inside ankle bone. They never bothered me till now when it seemed like I was having some circulation problems, ie: my ankles (both) would get very swollen, my socks would leave deep indentations. I started making blueberry smoothies with a pinch of cayenne pepper in them and taking a "deep vein support" supplement. This seemed to help very much. (sorry don't remember name of supplement right now, if someone wants it just post here and i'll let you know.)

I realize this is a lot of stuff to ask about. I just wonder if anyone has any insights about what I can do to start dealing with this stuff. I am afraid of doctors, I believe they don't know much at all, and I also don't have the cash for a doctor and what might turn into a lot of tests. All help and suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you and God bless

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