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Re: Lots of symptoms seem to be getting worse, help...LONG
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Lots of symptoms seem to be getting worse, help...LONG

Hello all and special thanks to those who reponded. Whew, it is a relief to know it is not the bull sticks. That weirded me out to think it could have been. As for the cats links I will need to read them later this week.

But for now I need to explain that, and I should have put this in my original post, but there was so much to tell, several months before all this started happening I had a series of professional colonics. I actually had many over a 6-8 week period. I thought they were extremely beneficial. I definitely believed in them. What had also happened at that time was that I had a falling out with one of the owners of the first therapy place I went to and changed to a new colonic therapist due to a lot of anger. I didn't like the new place but had 4 colonics there. At the second place, I began to feel very of the office administrators would come in and give the therapist things while I was being treated and in fact sat at a computer during my session in the same room. I asked that she not be there and she left, but the second I had my clothes on she came in and slammed her chair around in front of the desk and said clearly negative things in Spanish in front of was a nasty experience. I had a very bad reaction emotionally, but I swallowed it because of the previous experience I had. I also didn't think the owner would be sympathetic to me. Nor the therapist who treated me. I usually speak up for myself, but in this case for some reason I couldn't. I just left. And I felt that my upper GI tract was actually damaged from the emotional gut reaction to the violent nature of this person's behavior and the general atmosphere there. In fact, the weird poop started that day. I think that there may have been a condition already in place, in my body due to other stresses during my life, plus I always felt very vulnerable by having the colonics when this happened. It was really a terrible experience at the time. And I had noone to talk to about it. Additionally, this particular place used to tell me that the first place I went to was very dirty and didn't clean the equipment properly. I don't think this was the case as it was a very well established center for colonics. I always wondered if they said that as a way of projecting the fact that they themselves were not clean. And it would make me wonder if I caught something from THEM. However, my last colonic from them was about 8-9 months before these symptoms started, if I recall correctly. If I had caught something from them, would it have taken that long to manifest the gynecoloical symptoms? But really, I think it was the extreme stress of the experience. Since then, I have occasionally given myself an enema. I try to do it only when I feel really "logy" since I usually go the bathroom at least once a day and lately I've been going 2-3 times a day. My colon feels very clean and empty, in spite of the other symptoms. However, I will give myself more enemas now. Maybe that is what has been missing. I haven't done one in a long time. I usually stop at just one or two. Do you think I should keep doing them even if I feel I don't "need" it?

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