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Missing Books from the Bible?
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Published: 19 years ago
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Missing Books from the Bible?

My parents had an old Bible that had several books of the Bible that have since been considered Gnostic. This is an email from a friend who believes there are several books that were taken from the Bible by the Global Elite;

I have established this same concept, through prayer, in very similar terms. Here it is. Let’s say there was a time when the universe was filled with only perfect individuals. That would be, in essence, Heaven. Next. Draw a triangle, and then put a line across it near the top. Label it #1, and let the top of that triangle, #1, represent God. Here’s God at the top, and everyone and everything He created, is included in the remainder of the triangle.

Next, let’s say someone in all of that “realm” or “set” wants to become as great as #1. He contends that he is “as great” or “greater” than #1. OK. He has the power to go around and try and convince anyone in the realm, to follow him, and that they should make him their leader – and this he does. Eventually he turns to deceit and every other wicked plan, simply to try and take over the ultimate #1, position. No matter how hard he tries, however, he can’t do it. And in the process, the introduction of wickedness starts to destroy a large part of that overall realm. The wickedness becomes so strong that even certain plants and other life forms within the whole environment (garden) begin to fail.

Based on this state of decay, happening, #1 must do something before the entire realm is destroyed from within. So he banishes the would be usurper, who we will call #2. Having found himself unable to be “as good” as #1, the usurper has decided to set up his own kingdom – where everything is the reverse of that is found in the kingdom under #1. Where there is light, in his kingdom, there is darkness. Where there is truth, in his kingdom, there is deception, etc. So #2 and everyone he has convinced to be with him, are cast out, and they become the inverse or the antithesis, or the exact opposite of everything that is good! 1/3 of the whole realm is included in this antithesis realm, and they are expelled from the original set.

Now comes the problem of free-will. If we designate the set which represents Heaven as A, and the new antithesis set, headed by Lucifer or the devil, as B, #1 still has a major problem to solve. Can you figure out what that problem is? In brief, everyone who has remained in set A, has been exposed to #2 and his concepts, etc., so they are no longer “pure” in terms of innocence or anything along those lines. In other words, there are many who are in A, who should have crossed into B, but they hid those things within themselves, wishing to stay in A – when perhaps they should have been expelled and be left in the company of #2, and the B group!

At this point, death is created. Also, this earth is created, and one person is set up as a “test case” to see what he will do, when placed in a whole new environment. It’s a LABORATORY! The whole world is a laboratory! So let’s call him Adam – and Adam is formed like all the rest, created, and he’s placed in the laboratory, like putting a fish in an aquarium or a mouse in a terrarium, for the purposes of observation! Now there is no way that #2 can get to him or deceive him, as he places his eyes on #1, and he refuses to look at anything else for any voice or direction. This goes on for some time, and then #1 feels he has adequately adjusted to the laboratory and the system is ready for a trail run on yet a second individual. Let’s call her “Eve.” So, in comes Eve. She is beautiful, and she has some remarkable features about her that Adam doesn’t have. They become fast friends, and Adam begins to take his eyes off the Lord, during this time. Now if you can follow this, #2 slips in to the laboratory, slithers in as a snake into the terrarium, and he deceives Eve! Well, friend, then the whole system locks up! That is, they participants have failed to show themselves, truly good . . . and so every last one of those in Set A, must be processed through “the laboratory,” simply to determine by their own actions and by their on life, if they should actually be in A or B!

And at the end of this “trial by life,” or this “passing through the valley of tears,” that is, after “every soul that ever existed and was created. perfect without blemish” passes through all those that truly rebelled, regardless of what they were calling it – and regardless of how they tried to hid their “sin nature,” they all get called on the carpet, just as those will be who were cast out of heaven! That is what is slated for everyone and every creature on this earth, when Christ returns. All the graves will be opened, “them bones are going to, walk around,” those who have tormented will be themselves tormented and the dead in Christ will avenge their blood upon this earth. All the wicked will be blotted out. All the bad plants will cease to grow. All the negatives and all the darkness of this present age will be ended, and then, as you say . . .

”There will be a third age. The age of Aquarius( The Millennial reign) This third age is a time when the being who created time will be bound up. Teachers (millions of them) will return from heaven to a purified version of the earth... There will still be people born into the world. This age of enlightenment will be God's Victory lap.” Amen!

You say, you “hope to come back to help out people born into this Garden of Eden like world.” That will be granted unto you – for you will be able to move freely from the Heavenly realm back and forth, to this realm - as will the “hundreds of billions of souls who will remain in heaven during this millennial reign,” or so I believe.

The rebellious will all forfeit their lives, on that day when the righteous in Christ, those who have been killed for their faith and their testimony, all return. It’s called, the great and dreadful day of the Lord. That is, it’s the “last day,” when the Lord God allows judgment to fall on all the nations, and all the mighty who have denied the Lord, shall come under this final judgment – and they will then and thereby, be removed from this world. Even every plant that is growing here, that was not planted originally in the garden, by the hand of God, is slated to be rooted out – and they will exist no more!

I just wanted you to see how my views on A and B, all turn out, as compared to your own. This is called “the second coming,” but nobody’s got it down right, because of the missing books of the Bible that have been removed from where they once were – scattered throughout the old testament. Man has stuck his head in a cannon, and he’s soon going to hear a 21 gun salute going off! The other answers everyone seeks are truly in the books of the Apocrypha, in The Wisdom of Solomon and in II Esdras. Too bad the whole world has been brainwashed to think that none of those books mean anything – when in fact, they specifically spell out what is going to happen during these later days, in terms of the great day of retribution which is rapidly overtaking this whole world.


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