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Re: This is not Gnosticism
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: This is not Gnosticism

Oh....I are trying to convince Gnostics they are wrong? I thought Gnostics were just like you...seekers who don't agree with the traditional view of Christianity but instead believe in a deeper understanding of scripture and spiritual growth? From what I understand, Gnostics have few beliefs that they will all agree on? If you are trying to teach Gnostics something, you might try a different slant? Telling people they are going to hell is no great secret... Fear has been used by the church for centuries to get people in the doors. Personally, I think this is the best way to make slaves but the worst way to show agape love/I think the best way to teach love is show love. Threats of hell never worked for teaching love in my opinion. I have been a reacher///teacher for years... In hundreds of life-classrooms, I found the best way to reach people who are ignorant or searching for new informaion is provide them with opportunities to learn though hands-on learning... Give them an example....Give them the material needs they need to experment with new ideas...Let them make mistakes....Sit back and watch them come up with wonderful new ideas on their own...At the end of the class make sure to ask the students what they learned...Then a moment of reflection... When I teach teachers, I ask them what they did good and what they could have done better...Telling students what to think is an inferior method to mentoring them through the process and showing them the processes to help them learn. Instead of telling students they are going to be given a big fat F if they are not perfect, I love to see my student's work through their failures because I see them grow through the process.

I do put some blame on teachers though...Teachers who try to teach by rote who just want to read text and data and want students to memorize the text and data and spew it back on a test... If you want slaves, do what I tell you is a perfect teaching style... Teachers should be more like mentors and less like a broken record... A mentor is someone who is a good example of what they teach. A good of mentor of Agape Love showes Agape Love and is someone who teaches processes for learning about Agape Love and allows students to find their own way to Agape love...

If you want to reach students and teachers...don't threaten them with perfection or hell... You can't expect good results with threats...Teachers who are threatened with perfection or being fired pass along the same judgement to their students...

Teachers have a greater responsibility to move beyond threats and move to mentoring. Show me how achieve Agape Love....Show me from your heart... Feed me Adape Love...and then...maybe I will show it back to you....
Yah Bless


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