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Grape Juice Said to Deactivate The Herpes Virus
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Published: 16 years ago

Grape Juice Said to Deactivate The Herpes Virus

This is a show transcript taken from Dr. Valerie Saxion's website (

It's a lengthy read, but the second to the last line addresses the Herpes virus. Here ya go:

Grape Show

We’ve got a grape show for you! Today on Alternative Health I am paying tribute to the Grape!!! Grapes are great! They come in all colors and do all kinds of wonderful things! You name it they do it!

Grapes impacted my life many years ago when I read a small book written by a lady from South Africa. It was called “The Grape Cure”. The setting was in South Africa in the early 1900’s, this young lady had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. The tumor was so large, she said she looked pregnant.
At that time the doctors told her there was little to nothing that could be done. She prayed and prayed for some type of answer. All she could hear deep inside was grapes! So grapes it was! She lived close to the grape orchards and so they were plentiful. She juiced them, she ate them, she pressed them, and she munched on the seeds. She said she ate all colors of grapes and sizes! Different variations of grapes come in, in different seasons, so she could eat them year round! One day she could hardly get them down and within moments she began to vomit!
Up came the tumor! She vomited up the tumor! Amazing!
Well, after reading that book, you can see why I became a grape fan and my theme song, (sing – Whoa, I heard it through the grape vine) …OK, Ok, I can’t get side tracked…if you’ve got something to “grape about”. (Snort, Snort) This show is for you! Watch this!

Grapes for every one! Red, purple, black & green! I love them all…And they all do wonderful things for you! They make you smart, keep you looking young, fight off disease and a whole lot more! What’s in ‘em? Seeds! That is if you get the best kind.
We get so sophisticated and want seedless! My mother always told me if I ate the seeds I would get a tummy ache! Well, what mama didn’t know is if I did eat the seeds I may never be sick again! It’s so hard to find anything with seeds and yet in many cases that where the good stuff is. Now we’re forced to supplement so that we can get the good stuff that’s in those beautiful grapes.

Ok, enough already! Don’t make me say this twice! Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, See I told you, don’t make me say it again. From now on we will kindly refer to this beneficial ingredient as OPCs. Much easier to pronounce! OPCs – grape seeds, wonderful grape seeds!

OPCs inhibit some aspects of the Aging Process.
OPCs remove Lipofuscin from and inhibit its formation in the Brain and Heart.
OPCs help to prevent and reverse Atherosclerosis
OPCs help to prevent abnormal Blood Clotting. Those precious little seeds help lower your cholesterol.
OPCs improve the strength and elasticity of Blood Vessels
OPCs help to prevent Hemorrhage

OPCs help to prevent Hypertension and lower Blood Pressure. Those little grape seeds! Reduce the risk of blood clots and varicose veins and at the same time increase blood flow.
OPCs help to prevent damage to the DNA and mom thought they would give me an upset tummy!
OPCs help to prevent Bloodshot Eyes (by increasing the strength of the Capillaries, thereby preventing their unwarranted leakage as occurs in Bloodshot Eyes).
OPCs concentrate in the Retina of the Eyes and thereby enhance the health of the Eyes.
Grape seeds are a good treatment for (diabetic) Retinopathy the seeds strengthen the Capillaries that supply the Retina.
OPCs help to prevent Short-Sightedness
OPCs (100 - 200 mg per day) improve various aspects of Sight
Grape seeds stimulate Hair growth in persons with Hair Loss A study on mice has demonstrated that the constituents of Grape Seeds stimulate the proliferation of Hair Follicles. Grape Seeds facilitate Hair growth in persons afflicted with Male Pattern Baldness.

See, See, See why I’m a great grape fan!

OPCs help to prevent the mutations of some forms of Cancer and help to actually kill some types of Cancer cells
And there’s more…
OPCs help to kill Breast Cancer cells.
OPCs help to kill Lung Cancer cells.
OPCs reduce the risk of developing Mouth Cancer (by 20 - 50%).
OPCs reduce the risk of developing throat Cancer (by 20 - 50%).
OPCs (consumed orally or applied topically) help to prevent Skin Cancer
OPCs help to kill Stomach Cancer cells.
OPCs help to prevent Inflammation
OPCs alleviate and prevent Allergies by inhibiting the Inflammation that occurs in Allergies.
OPCs enhances the function of white blood cells.

Those little grape seeds are a potent Antioxidant
They deactivate Free Radicals, which are Cancer causing agents.
150-300 mg per day helps to reduce edema.

On you, in you and you on them! Grapes are great, any way you can get them!
And The OPC herbal cancer cure content of Grape Plants increases as the Fruit becomes more mature. So get some old grapes! And did you know there are over 5000 different species of grapes?! That’s a bunch of grapes! Get it…
And what about grape juice and I do mean grape juice, not grape drink!!! Be sure to read labels.

The darker the purple grape juice is, the better it is for you! While there is a mountain of benefits from grape seeds, that purple liquid has its share of benefits, too.

Grape juice:
Improves Blood Circulation.
Kills some types of Detrimental Bacteria
Helps to prevent and treat some types of Cancer
Helps to kill the Cancer Cells implicated in Lung Cancer
Reduces the incidence of Skin Cancer
Deactivates some types of Viruses:
Deactivates Herpes Simplex Viruses and deactivates Polio Viruses.
Moisturizes Dry Skin and helps to remove fine Wrinkles.

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