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Re: Digestive Problems after gallbladder surgery

Cloves & Wormwood
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Cloves & Wormwood
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Digestive Problems after gallbladder surgery

Hi, good to hear you are having testing done to help you understand what needs to be healed. I will work on that soon(moving to bigger are, hoping to find a natural doc there to help me figure myself out :) Sorry you had cramping and fullness, I find my digestion to be very difficult hence the enzymes, also eating late in the day or evening for me is a really bad thing, when I feel as you did, I just stop eating sometimes for a day or two until I think my sytem is up and running again. It seems since the surgery that my digestion is very slow at times it seems food sits there and sits there because something is not functioning right, bile, enzymes, I am not sure, maybe metabolism. I am taking coconut oil to try and help the metabolism and the enzymes help the fat to digest as I can no longer do this on my own. Just do a search and you will find Garden of Life products everywhere online. I ordered them from tropical traditions when I got my coconut oil, their prices are very comperable. Yes, I think they are expensive, worth it if they work. I have also used Swanson Vitamins enzymes, less expensive, they did not seem to work for me, but now that I have the garden of Life enzymes their label says to take 1-4 enzymes with each meal/snack, well the swanson brand said to take one daily which I now realize was not enough for me, so am now experimenting with taking more of the swanson and seeing if it helps as good as garden of life, trial and error arugh!!

As far as fiber goes, it is for both problems, to move what would not move-constipation and to bulk up what is loose (me), I have used expensive fiber and the cheap walmart kind, all work just as well for bulking up and keeping me from having to RUN to the bathroom, it also seems to help with the intestinal cramping, dont know why, but if I miss my fiber for more than 1 day, I will pay for it. I have tried AIM herbal fiber blend, like drinking dirt and is expensive, Dr. Schultz Int Formula #2, not too bad, tastes a little like licorice due to fennel, this I made myself so is cost effective, am now trying Garden of Life beyond fiber, this is a fiber without psyllium, I have been told not to take psyllium forever, but to give my system a break so I do not build up an allergy, as I have taken it for a few years in different forms, I am now taking a break. Again, the cheap stuff at walmart works just fine too, very basic.

Now for flushing, I do the Clark recipe. I mix the Epsom Salt with fresh grapefruit juice, drink one dose, wait, drink second dose, then at right time take olive oil with grapefruit juice alone, go straight to bed, next morning take one more small dose of leftover grapefruit and Epsom Salt mix, I usually omit the last epsoom salt drink because I do not feel I need it, from my understanding the Epsom Salts are to open the bile ducts to get out stones from liver and to flush the intestines to get stone all the way out, if you are already doing this, then stop the salts, listen to your body.

I had my surgery 5 years ago, and did not flush until the last 12 months due to pregnancy and I only found out about flushing within the last 2 years. I see someone else posted a question about how soon to flush aftersurgery, maybe someone here will answer that so you will know better when to flush yourself. Some people here say that flushing is hard on the liver and that it needs time to recover between flushings and some people flush every two weeks for a while, I think it is up to you, your body and health issues, we are all so different.

I have only tried milk thistle. I did not notice any results and just stopped after about 6 months, I have a hard time remembering to take supplements, do good for a while and then lapse, not a good thing. I forgot about the shultz cleanse I will have to read it again and give it a try, I do not think it will be too hard, I saw him mix it once on video and he used fresh orange juice to mix it all with that or tomato juice would be pretty good costco sells cleaned garlic cloves in a huge container for under $5, organic olive oil is expensive, but it does last a long time. I have put so many ucky things in my body-chayene-raw garlic-super tonic- ground flax seeds-flax oil straight- that you eventually get to the point of being able to tolerate most things :) I take my green drink as well as the different fibers in just plain water, no juice.

As far as foods that do not aggrivate me, it is the usuall healthy food, veggies, and most fruit, and good meats, soups etc. Anything refined causes me some amount of problem, especially hydrogenated, and white flour, I am still working on the self-discipline thing to eat better to help the situation, and maybe do some healing, not just putting band aides on it. I hope you are able to find some solutions that work for you, feel free to e-mail me if I might be able to help you. Sorry this is so long, have 4 kids at home today in the rain, a little caotic here.

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