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Re: Is drug use idol worship?...n/m
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Is drug use idol worship?...n/m

I think there is some really strange reasoning in the decision to convict someone who suffers the misfortune and tragic enslavement by the drug demon of being inhuman and a traitor to God (I know that whoever is suggesting that it is idol worship does not actually have the guts to SAY that you are a traitor, they only don't mind making you feel that way while they end up feeling better about themselves).

My brother took an intentional overdose 22 years ago on my fathers birthday and his suicide note was addressed to my mother. Illegal drugs have been around for a long time. A lot of drugs that haven't been declared illegal, should be (even alot of the things doctors do should be illegal). I've been a Christian for about 18 years and because I still had my family in my life, I had the bad habit of smoking (it helped me retain my sanity and avoid a drinking habit, nervous habit, just because we're born again doesn't mean we're born with a silver spoon in our mouth). Christians aren't immune from all the garbage this world puts out. Paul (Saint Paul) didn't live a carefree life free from adversity and misfortune. Our comfort in life doesn't indicate our blessings and spiritual status. It's not very nice of anyone to impose shame and guilt on you for suffering misfortune. In fact, if you look past the punitive (punishing) attitude of their suggestion, you will notice the tremendous lack of compassion. Christians should have the heart of God (His HOLY spirit) and respect people's pains and sorrows (James 5:9 "...turn your laughter to tears and your joy to dejection"). Lot (Genesis 18?) got depressed because of what went on around him. Jesus said that if we learn to care the way we should, we will be 'poor in spirit' (feel down), but we will be blessed not only by Him, but our compassion itselff(Matthew 5:3 "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is THE KINGDOM OF GOD").

There is really nothing wrong with eating well, but OVERindulgence is wrong, therefore, Starbucks lattes and unnecessarily expensive products could be considered idol worship, but let's stop being so picayune and legalistic (you know, basically ANAL RETENTIVE).

I stopped smoking a couple of weeks ago, for about the hundredth time, but this time it will stick (really) because I've learned to dislike the frenzy of needing a cigarette. I started to beat myself up about cigarettes, but then I took into account that I'm suicidal and figured that they help keep me from pulling the plug. Bad habits are bad habits, some have health and other consequences that are worse than others, but a bad habit doesn't mean that you don't love God, it means that right now, you are not loving Him PROPERLY. Well, The Lord knows the right time for you to kick that habit, and when the time comes that you can kick that habit without any thing serious happening (like flipping out or pulling the plug), you'll know (The LORD is still working on you, let Him continue taking the lead, no matter how much you or anyone else want to slam you with guilt, 'BACK OFF JACK'.

It sounds like you're being overwhelmed with legalism (very common, The Lord says "human nature is human folly" Learn this very well), so understand in your heart that you will be learning about God from a human point of view and you will need to show The Lord who YOU are, use your God-given brain to understand what He has to say to YOU (it's not called a PERSONAL relationship for nothing). Satan is also called the god of confusion, he confuses all of our understanding. There are a few main ideas that satan confuses for those who want to understand more about Jesus, the proper understanding of love,...important because God is love: 1) agape, philos, eros and storge are taught as being TYPES of love. This is false, they are types of RELATIONSHIPS (love is simply an attitude of mind and heart). 2)sin is thought to be the only thing that we should avoid. This is false because the prevention of suffering (you know, COMPASSION) is the objective, not the adherence and compliance to rules. Evil doesn't have to be a drastic or tragic catastrophe, evil is anything that prevents PERFECT and complete goodness (the only kind of 'good' there is, GOOD is an absolute, one is good but God alone). God is the God of peace, BUT He did not come to bring peace on earth so that everyone could continue doing what they want regardless of it's morality, He came to make a CLEAR division between good and evil, so develop eyes to see and ears to hear so that you can discover the "depths of God" 1 Corinthians 2:10. Hebrews 6:1 "Therefore, let us leave the ELEMENTARY..." Hebrews 5:14 "But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their faculties trained (mind and conscience) by practice to DISTINGUISH between GOOD and EVIL" Do not fear The Lord, love Him with ALL your heart, mind, soul and strength (Isaiah 29:13 "...commandment of MEN..." 1 John 4:18 "...PERFECT..." Unbelievers should learn that God is someone to be reckoned with, that's why the bible says God should be feared, for "the BEGINNING of wisdom is the fear of God", but when we come to know Him, we should no longer fear Him. So, it is only that the 'legalists' lack compassion (they have never really suffered adversity and CAN'T understand) that they assign the label and stigma of 'idol worship'.

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