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For those witnessing this Christmas...

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Published: 17 years ago
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For those witnessing this Christmas...

The following is from Worldview Weekend:

Soundly Saved and How To Bring Children To Christ

By Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

Are you witnessing to a friend or family member this Christmas? Are you interested in laying the foundation for a child to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? Take our free test below. The correct answers are at the bottom of the test.

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Test Your Witnessing and Evangelism Knowledge

1. What does Psalms 19:7 say is perfect and
converts the soul?

A. The Love of God
B. The Law of God
C. The Grace of God

2. One function of the law according to Romans
3:20 is to:

A.Stop people from justifying their actions
and behavior
B.Make people feel better about their sinful
actions and behavior
C.Give man a standard by which to work for
their salvation

3. I John 3:4 tells us that sin is:

A. That which is fun
B. Transgression of the law
C. That which damages our self-esteem

4. Romans 7:7 tells us that the law:

A. Convicts us of sin
B. Covers our sin
C. Excuses our sin

5. In Galatians 3:24 Paul says the law is the
school master to bring us to repentance so
that we might be justified by:

A. Our works
B. Faith
C. Chance

6. Modern-day evangelism methods reject the
law and instead choose to implement a
strategy of telling people to come to Jesus
and have a wonderful life that is filled
with happiness and fulfillment. Man-centered
evangelism efforts cause people to come to
Jesus Christ to get something; instead
Christians should preach a message of come to
Jesus Christ and:

A.Have a perfect life
B.Have no more problems
C.Get your own personal miracle worker
D.Be saved from God’s wrath for breaking the
moral law

7. Peace and joy are benefits of salvation but
should not be used to market Christianity
because sinners will respond to the
salvation message with insincere motives and
lacking repentance which causes them to be:

A. A true convert
B. A false convert
C. A convert ready for trials and tribulation

8. Many people are asked to repeat or pray a
sinner’s prayer without even knowing:

A. What sins they have committed
B. That for which they should be repenting
C. What they have done that has offended God
D. All the above

9. People must understand they are lost before

A. Can see
B. Can be saved
C. Can save themselves

10. Many Christians preach the cure without

A. The disease
B. The fly in the ointment
C. A positive message that does not make people
feel guilty

11. Modern-day evangelism efforts have preached
grace without first preaching the law
which reveals:

A. The need for self-esteem
B. The need for grace
C. The need for earning your salvation by
good works

12. Many false converts see grace:

A. And are thankful for what it because they
know they have broken the moral law and
don’t deserve unmerited grace
B. As a way to justify their ungodly behavior
C. As that which they do not deserve

13. Grace can not be extended to those that:

A. Do not earn it
B. Do not deserve it
C. Do not repent

14. In Luke 18:18 the rich young ruler asked
Jesus how to have everlasting life and Jesus
pointed him to:

B.The law
C.Man centered methods

15. Preaching the wrath of God without the law
makes the wrath of God appear:


16. I Timothy 1:8-9 tells us that the law is
designed for sinners to show them they

A. Condemned
B. Able to earn their salvation is they try hard
C. Not as bad as those that break the law as
a way of life

17. Another name for the moral law is:

A. The Ten Commandments
B. The Ten suggestions
C. The Ten options

18. Romans 2:15 says the moral law is written:

A. On the walls of the U.S. Supreme Court
B. On the heart and conscience of every
C. Only on the heart of Christians

19. Because the moral law is written on the
heart and conscience of everyone; on the
day of judgment:

A. No one will have an excuse for rejecting God
B. Everyone will admit they are sinners and be
given another chance
C. No one will be condemned that tried hard to
keep the moral law

20. Most unbelievers think they will go to
heaven because they:

A. Repented of their sins
B. Acknowledged their sinfulness
C. Lived a good life

21.John Wesley said when seeking to evangelize
the lost preach:

A. 90% grace and 10% law
B. 90% self-esteem and 10% law
C. 90% law and 10% grace

22. Preaching hell-fire salvation creates fear
filled converts. Using the moral law creates:

A. False converts
B. Fear filled converts
C. Tear filled converts

23. The moral law creates converts that:

A. Understand the reason for God’s wrath
B. Understand God’s grace and mercy
C. Understand their sinful condition
D. Have gratitude to God for salvation
E. Understand they don’t deserve the hope of
heaven based on their own merit
F. Have gratitude that creates zeal for sharing
the moral law with the lost
G. All of the above


1. B
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. D
7. B
8. D
9. B


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