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Published: 17 years ago

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Hello, all,

Here is what I came to be convinced of after my experience and putting 2 and 2 together:

When we pass the green "stones", we are actually passing nothing more than the fecal matter we just formed ourselves by combining the olive oil and the grapefruit!!!!.

Some background: I have tried the flush for the first time after using my husband as a "guniea pig" for two flushes that produced remarkable "stones", matching the textbook description of Hulda Clark 's as well as other internet pic.s that used the same liver flush. I failed in my first attempt as I threw up the oil+ grapefruit potion after a miserable night. I "succeeded" in the second attempt, and passed "hundreds" of stones, identical to the ones my husband passed, a great "success". But something bothered me right after passing the first round of "stones": They did not at all look like stones to me. That is when I did a web search to find out more about whether I passed what I was supposed to and found this discussion forum. One of the posts mentioned something to the effect of us passing our own "soaps" (the oil + grapefruit combos). The entry was written by an "autopsy pathologist" who was very familiar with real gallstones. I continued reading further, both those entries that raised douobts and those that talked about their personal experiences where they were diagnosed with and scheduled for a surgery to remove Gallstones and after doing the flush, the x-rays no longer showed the stones. Some other people, again diagnosed with Gallstones professionally, had the stones tested at a lab and they said "without a doubt", they indeed had passed stones. On the other hand, some expressed that they were dismayed to find out that the lab report they got said their "stones" were fecal matter, and that alone. So, to make a long story short, here is what I have concluded and why, briefly:

1. A great majority of us that are doing the cleanses are passing what we are supposed to pass in the bathroom: poop!!!! Except that they are mostly green and we are conditioned to think they are stones. I inspected a number of my "stones". Sorry for the description but in case you are interested: They were soft, almost all of them homogeneous in their content (layers of oily, gooey stuff), did not really have a smell. Now, if they had been stuff formed over the years, there would have been more variation in their color, appearence, content, what was in the layers, etc.. Also, I would have expected them to be stinky after all those years, but they weren't. Hmmm...

2. Then I realized that some of the fibery flesh of the grapefruits that had seeped into the juice were closely attached to a lot of the "stones". Fine, I said, now if I find ANY of the flesh INSIDE the "stones", then we got it, and THERE THEY WERE!!!!

I found some in the middle of the green "stones". Obviously the grapefruit I ate could not have gotten in the "stone" if those were formed years ago, (and nothing else seemed to have gotten in - maybe b/c I didn't eat anything else ;) ) but this was only possible if I were simply excreting what I just ate!!!!

3. Why are they green? Daaaaa!!!! Bile is released from the liver to digest what? Fats and oils!!!! What did I do? Built lots of bile in my body through the no fat diet, starved it off any other food that'll color my stools, and then consumed oil, then I of course get green stools!!!!!!!!!

4. Nobody said they "ran out" of the stools after passing 2000 or so in this forum, in fact some said the opposite. Well, no one can, as long as they give the body the fresh supply of the oil and the grapefruit before each "cleansing".

5. If you read around, some people have claimed (and I believe them)to have passed even golf ball size "stones". I also saw that some of my "stones" were big, but they were visibly smooshed together on their way out, as regular stools do. Why hadnpt they smoosed in the liver while being pushed around by the other stones and bile in the "blocked" ducts over the years (b/c they were *never* in the liver, to begin with????)

6. Then how do we explain the reports of people who flushed ther stones out and had theirs analyzed (and proven theat they are genuine stones) after being professionally diagnosed as having gallstones? This is my best take on it: When people DO genuinely have stones in their gallbladder and they do the flush, maybe this flush does get them out of the GALLBLADDER, not the LiVER. I don't think they are EVER in the liver probably, I think now. But for those of us who would like to get them out of their liver without having been so diagnosed, are just trying for nothing. I must say that I am providing this explanantion b/c I take the word of those who have gone through this diagnosis/flush/no more stones/ as true, otherwise, I have my doubts that even this is really achievable.

7. And I am not saying this as a proof, but cannot help but share it with you: even before I tried the flush myself, I've wondered if our ducts are full of stones, how come say a cow's or sheep's isn't? I cook liver and have had to chop whole cows' and sheeps' livers that came as whole livers many times, and never even saw a grain of sand. I have been eating liver, few times a year for tens of years, and never had any of this stuff come up. Hmmm.........

Dear brothers and sisters, I am sure that we are passing our own "making". Maybe there are, inadvertently, faulty "findings" or "assertions" in some of what I said above, as I am no expert, but the gist of what I say, I am afraid is the disappointing fact.

On the other hand, I am happy that I will not have to set aside weekends to be spent in voluntary nausea and painful bathroom visits from now on!!! I am free from some invaders that I was led to believe had overtaken my body!!!

On "another" hand, please don't despair; with or (better) without these liver (I should say colon) flushes, we should continue to try to help ourselves by using natural cures. I would like to suggest that one thing that seems to hold a door to health is JUICING. Do your search on juicing veggies and fruits and find out. Just thought I'd share my conclusion so far on one of the worthy ways to live healthy.

"I testify that there is none worthy of adoration and worship except the one true God, and Muhammad is His final messenger to humanity".


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