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Tracey Views: 2,376
Published: 20 years ago
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Love it!!!


I apologize for perhaps over-reacting to your original post but you need to read a lot to understand the state of affairs we are dealing with here. The "establishment" use any unethical, underhanded mind-controling tactics to try to scare people out of taking control and responsibility for their own health. There are BILLIONS OF DOLLARS at stake for them. They want to keep us stupid and scared of our own bodies. And they hunt down humanitarians like Dr. Clark and try to publicly ridicule, humiliate, discredit and imprison them for trying to educate us on how to genuinely CURE OURSELVES of the diseases that they rake in our BUCKS on. And they find websites and forums like this one where they can leave negative messages and try to scare us out of educating ourselves and taking back control of our own health. Doctors and hospitals count on you getting sick over, and over and over again. They do not want you to cure yourself or most of them would totally go out of business (with the exception of trauma doctors whom I will defend)!

I discovered Dr. Clark last March when I found out that my former college roommate was diagnosed with cancer. We are both 32 years old. It scared me to death because in the past 10 years I lost my father, grandmother and many young friends and family to cancer. In fact, I watched as my father died slowly and painfully over 2 years, undergoing chemo and radiation and finally succumbing to death by a gangrenous foot. He literally had to watch himself rot while he was still alive. It was horrifying for him and all of us who were by his side. He was 48 years old. I felt so terrified and helpless. He died totally broke and in agony, having paid for all of these poisons to torture him, all of us tearily thanking the doctors for having "done all they could". When diagnosed with gangrene, the doctors wouldn't remove his toes "because they didn't think he'd make it through the surgery". Two weeks later he died, after watching all the flesh blister and rot off of his foot, exposing all of the bones. Is that humane? They wouldn't take off his toes because they were afraid of a lawsuit. They basically just said, "go die somewhere, preferably where we and none of the other patients have to look at you." The saddest thing is that with his horribly compromised immune system from all that chemo and radiation, he probably picked up that disease right in the hospital. Don't kid yourself, hospitals are CRAWLING with every kind of bacteria there is.

After going through that, somehow I ended up in the medical field as a medical transcriptionist. I worked in hospitals for 7 years. I have seen the abuses, mistakes, callous jokes and laughter at patients'agony, and the general greed associated with the modern medical profession. Since early in this century, doctors have brainwashed us into thinking that they are far superior to us and smarter than we are, like they are little gods that we should turn over our bodies and brains to. They brainwash us with their television dramas and drug commercials all day and all night on television, always glorifying themselves as "our saviors". I for one am not buying it anymore. The elderly population in America is so brainwashed, they think that if they live to be 78 years old (taking 10 to 20 different drugs every day) they are beating the odds. Most of them live in poverty and fear, trying to support their drug "needs". It is a big scam. It is all about money, prestige and power. Here in the Dominican Republic, there are no "rest homes", or at least hardly any. It is not unusual for a 70 year old man to be out every day shoveling dirt, building houses, or cutting grass using a machete...bent over all day long in the tropical heat! And they work because the like to! I am not lying to you. I see it every day. You have never seen happier people in your life! They are not crippled up and dependent on drugs. They are out visiting friends, playing dominoes and LIVING, baby! It is so inspiring. They aren't hobbling around praying for death. Cancer is almost unheard of here.

Wow...I am sorry for writing so much. But as you said, I am very passionate about the subject. I want to encourage as many people as I can to take back their brains and their health. There is a HUGE Conspiracy against us and we need to open our eyes to it. There is more to life than waiting to die and there is a lot of natural things we can do to improve the quality of that life that we have been blessed with. They are not smarter than we are. You do not have to be a genius to listen to your body and give it a good cleaning out every once in a while. It is not the big mystery that they want us to think it is. Keep reading on this website and those like it that are not controlled by corporate raiders, and keep your mind open. I know I will probably catch some flack for speaking my mind so openly, but I believe in freedom and creative thought. That's why I left America.

Good Luck and Good Health!

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