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Re: Snappy answers to stupid remarks about the War!
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Snappy answers to stupid remarks about the War!

I don't usually get involved in political debates because I find most people to be incredibly closed minded, but I had to respond to your post as there are many factual innacuracies in it.
First of all, I don't know where you got a 90 member coalition from. The only countries committed to action are the US, the UK, Spain and Belgium. The African nations are on the fence,Mexico and South America are on the fence and most of Europe is against. The exceptions are countries which are completely dependent on US aid for their existence. (Yes I do acknowledge thet the US does many good deeds).
As far as the inspections not working. Iraq did not kick out the inspectors. The US requested that they be pulled out. When interviewd, the inspectors claimed that they got rid of 95% of the weapons and were confidant that they could have gotten the rest had they been allowed to finish their job.I am making no claims as to the US's reasons, I am just stating facts. You draw your own conclusions.
Yes, Iraq used chemical weapons. Yes, it is a horrible act. However, the US government sold them the seed stock in a 3 way deal with Germany and the UK. We also gave them logistical, financial, and tactical support in their war with Iran because we were more concerned with the Iranian than Saddam. That is how we know what they have. Perhaps we need to show better judjment about who we ally ourselves with in the future. This only concerns me because we are once again forming alliances of convenience (the Kurds for instance). While more democratic than Saddam, the Kurds are opportunists who have had CONFIRMED dealings with AL Quaeda. This calls our motives into question for me.
The "witness" who claims there is a Saddam/BinLaden connection (mentioned by Powell) when questioned by 2 journalists (on seperate occasions) could not recall key details of the story he gave earlier. When pressed by one of the reporters for details on Kandahar during the time he was supposedly working with Bin Laden, he could not supply basic descriptions of the city, calling it a town of "mud huts" when in fact, at that time, Kandahar was mostly 2-3 story brick buildings.
The supposed "chemical bunker" Powell showed in his pictures was visited the next day by journalists. They found a bread factory with no evidence of chemical weapons. The truck was a bread delivery truck. I'm not saying there are not chemical weapons, but this lead seems to be specious. America's "liberal" media never reported this. I found out through the London Times and confirmed through other sources.
Some Iraqi former scientists have said that the weapons program is in full swing. Some have said he has nothing.The scientist whose testimony led us to believe that Saddam is trying to develop "nukes" also testified that he has no chemical or biological weapons left after the last war. That part of his testimony was never mentioned. At best, I think it's safe to conclude that former Iraqi scientists may not be the most reliable sources of info.
Some countries are against us because they see our track record when it comes to "after war". After the first Afghan war against the USSR, we left the country without helping to rebuild. In the absence of a central government, tribal warfare was the rule until the one organized tribe (the Mujahadeen which became the Taliban) eventually seized power). Afghanistan became a haven of terrorism. Once agin after this last campaign in Afg. the US has for all intents and purposes, "left the buiding". Murder, rape, and overall crime are way up since the war. Afg. is once again the worlds leader in opium sales. The few US troops that ARE left behind are attacked almost daily, and tribal warfare is once again rampant. We also failed to acieve our goal which was originally to get Bin Laden and his senior staff. In fact the only tactic that HAS been effective in capturing Al Quaeda members has been the cooperation of police and intelligence in other countries (Including France, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Algeria, Itlay, etc.) You come to your own conclusions.
If we are truly interseted in UN resolutions and the fact that Iraq has violated 16 of them, we can not be hypocritcal and must acknowledge other countries who have violated UN resolutions. Israel has violated 64 UN resolutions (by the way I am not anti-Israel, I'm just stating facts). Sharon is wanted for war crimes by the UN. They have also threatened Bush and Blair with war crimes prosecution (based on the war crimes act unanimously ratified by the security council including the US) if they persue the war without the approval of the secruity council.Again, come to your own conclusions.
We claim to want to spread Democracy, yet when any Democratic process (Turkey's vote to not allow US troops/the UN security council vote against war) goes against us, we threaten and berate. Democracy does not mean "rubber stamping" all US action. It means that the individuals have to abide by the will of the many. The US should not be Exempt from that standard.
Just a little background on me. I am a gulf war veteren. I am not anti-American. I do, however feel a great responsibility (intended by our founding fathers I think) to monitor closely the actions of our government. They work for us. Not the other way around. Let's not confuse the will of our elected leaders with the best interest of this country They are not ALWAYS the same. I try to listen when politicians speak. I listen for inconsistencies and contradictions, and there are plenty of them. I do not try to dictate to other what to feel about the war or what opinion to have, but I do suggest (humbly) that we stay vigilant, be informed, listen carefully, and never be apathetic in our duties as American citizens. Thank you for your time.

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