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Re: how to cure pancreatitis?
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: how to cure pancreatitis?

No matter with the disease or illness you always being your program the same way. Superfood, Bowel Cleansing & Echinacea. When your bowels are open and working correctly you can proceed onto the live & Kidney cleansing. Here is a bit of info on healing the pancreas from Dr. Schulze :

Pancreatic Cancer

“Natural healing has the power to cure pancreatic cancer. But usually, before I see the patient, medical treatments – not the disease – have destroyed the patient’s body.”

SCHULZE: I had a lady who had a pancreatic cancer. It was also blocking her duct – her pancreatic duct. She couldn’t digest any food, either, because the pancreas creates the hydrochloric acid.
Doctors didn’t suggest anything. They just said, “Go home,” because the tumor was big, it was malignant.
Very few survive pancreatic cancer. Even in our practice, patients may die of this because they waited too long before using herbs and natural healing.
If we had to pick a type of cancer that we had the least results with, it would be either leukemia or pancreatic cancer. That’s because these cancers multiply and progress so quickly. The disease only has a 6 months prognosis. People waste 4 to 5 months of this with doctors and vitamins, then they come to me.
By the time people come to me after finishing with the doctors, there’s nothing left. Their pilot light is so low that they can’t turn around.
The doctors have really done a number on people, like cut out a kidney and a lung and a piece of a liver, radiated them 5 or 6 times, implanted radium seeds in their uterus, and just beyond what we can imagine, so I can’t turn all that around, sometimes.
There is just so much damage been done. It’s like standing at ground zero when the nuclear bomb goes off, and then saying, “Can you help me with my radiation exposure?” It’s a little late. So, people with these cancers have to act fast and get right on the incurables programs without delay.
BISER: But how bad was her pancreatic cancer?
SCHULZE: It was bad enough where they gave her 3 to 6 months to live.
BISER: Did she look emaciated to you?
SCHULZE: No, she looked great. She looked fine, but she was depressed.
BISER: What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer? Do you feel it?
SCHULZE: She didn’t have a lot of symptoms. Well, she didn’t think she had a lot of symptoms. She had – nobody ever gets that sick without ignoring a thousand symptoms.
BISER: Hoe did she know she had it in the first place?
SCHULZE: She finally went to a doctor because she had no energy, but she had also had digestive problems for 10 years and was also having blood Sugar problems. The body give you all these warning signs, and you just keep ignoring them. I think she was even taking some insulin, but in the tablet form, not intravenously.
BISER: Her prognosis was a lot worse than how she looked.
SCHULZE: Oh, yeah. They just said, “You’re dead.”
They had done some light chemo with her and then they just said, “Get your papers in order.” She did everything that she was supposed to do. She bought her plot, and everything was all ready to go.
She even had picked out her tombstone, and carved it with her date of birth and was just waiting for her second date.
She was 45 years old and still single because she had this urinary incontinence, and she never really had a relationship.
She came to me for incontinence because she was so sick she was losing bladder control. A lot of people come to me and they think there’s no cure for their disease, but they have a minor problem that they think I can help with. And she came to me for incontinence.
And we healed her of her incontinence, and then that kind of opened her eyes. Because, you know, she was wearing diapers.
BISER: Anything in particular you did for her pancreas?
SCHULZE: One of the intake keys is not eating any sweets. The pancreas’ job is to create insulin, and it’s an endocrine organ. On the juice fasting, I had her dilute the juices 50% with distilled water. Some of these people can’t take carrot juice or apple juice. It has too much Sugar for someone whose pancreas is not working.
Oh, here’s another thing. I gave her the female hormone-balancing formula we covered in our discussion on cervical cancer.
BISER: What does that have to do with pancreatic cancer?
SCHULZE: The pancreas is an endocrine organ. I don’t believe that you can have on imbalance without having the whole endocrine system imbalanced. These people need to take a loot at endocrine-balancing herbs, too. This is what we always use with the pancreas.
BISER: What would they be?
SCHULZE: With me, it would be the male tonic formula. For women, it would be the female hormone-balancing herbs that we discussed in reference to cervical cancer.
BISER: What is the male tonic formula?
SCHULZE: Here are the ingredients...
2 parts Panax ginseng
2 parts Siberian ginseng
1 part Sarsaparilla
1 part Saw Palmetto
1 part Cardamom
Use this as a tincture or tea. For use as a tea, the ingredients would have to be presoaked
overnight and simmer for 15 minutes.
BISER: Did you use the poke root poultices on her?
SCHULZE: Yes, definitely. Everybody, even if it’s a deep cancer, the poke root still draws. Yes. I think I used a typical one that I would make: bloodroot, red clover blossoms, garlic, poke root, and chaparral, all blended together in a paste.
BISER: That’s an alternate cancer paste?
SCHULZE: Yes, a cancer paste. Dr. Christopher had a few in his book, called cancer plasters, but these are the tings I’d always whip up in my blender. Undoubtedly, it would be red clover blossoms, fresh garlic cloves, chaparral leaves, and poke root with a lot of bloodroot tincture. It’s a kind of paste.
Blend it all up and make a reddish paste and paste it on. Especially, like, for skin cancers and things like that, but you know, when there’s a deeper cancer, it still works to have it up above.
BISER: OK, but this still pulls through the skin, right?
SCHULZE: Absolutely. It really activates and absorbs down through the skin.
We also did a lot of deep body work on the pancreas. In fact, I sent her to a bodyworker who did a lot of compression over there, almost like purging or milking the area of the pancreas. We had her do a lot of deep breathing.
Anytime you have a cancer under the diaphragm, you need to just expand and contract this diaphragm a lot.
I also gave her tons and tons of chaparral tea. She just had to learn to live on it. She also had tons of garlic.
BISER: Where do you put the castor oil pack for her pancreas?
SCHULZE: You would put the castor oil poultice basically form your breast bone to your left side and from your lower rib a few inches above your nipple. I mean cover the entire area. You know, if you’re going to do your liver on the other side, go from the bottom of the rib to your clavicle line. You know, let’s soak a minimum one-foot square piece of flannel.
BISER: My guess is that people don’t make it big enough.
SCHULZE: Exactly. It isn’t going to hurt if you do any of the other areas, and the other areas are probably sick and infected too.
BISER: Did this woman ever have poison coming out her pancreas or through the skin through those compresses?
SCHULZE: There was a lot of tenderness and a lot of swelling and we did do a lot of external packs, but it came out through her bowel. She had blood, she had mucous, pus, come out through her bowel – but nothing through the surface.
BISER: As that was coming out, the swelling and the tenderness went down, right?
SCHULZE: Absolutely. At first, when we really got her going, it was very swollen and painful, but a couple of times she would really fill the toilet with some stuff. Of course, the swelling would immediately start going down and she could feel the pressure was off her pancreas.
As I mentioned, she originally came to me because she had lost bladder control and she felt, before she died, she would like to have a few more sexual adventures, and not be wearing a diaper. I worked with her on that.
So we did some amazing work with her kidneys. But she was more excited that she wasn’t peeing on herself than about the cancer. She me a guy. They did something that she hadn’t ever been able to do – hang gliding or something.
They were having a sexual experience, also, and she was just so excited about that, because she hadn’t had any sex, you know – when you don’t have bladder control, you don’t want to go out. She never went out. Every night after work, she went home. She sat at her computer all day, and went home and watched the tube. I had her stop watching all TV, and stop sitting.
She was going out now, being more active. And she did the full program, all the way through. She got better. She went back to the doctors. They said. “You’ve had a miracle.” They thought they had misdiagnosed. You get this all the time. They go, well, maybe we misdiagnosed. Most of these people had been to 2 or 3 doctors. So, in the end, she was healed of pancreatic cancer.
She got cured, and then, what was funny is, she sent me a postcard from the Matterhorn. She’s into mountain climbing now. She’s married. Traveling and mountain climbing. I get a postcard from her probably every other year from some far off place.

Dara Dietz
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