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Does anyone know if there is a treatment or cure or anything that can be done with this case of Marfan's syndrome?

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Published: 16 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a treatment or cure or anything that can be done with this case of Marfan's syndrome?


For almost a full year now I have been
visiting Doctors trying to find out what is wrong with me. You see for four
years I have trained in weights to try to get stronger. I was even in the
Army for about 3 months and could never do enough push ups so I was not able
to pass basic training. Because I was not able to do enough push ups at the end of basic training I could not be given the title of soldier and accepted past the basic training in the Army.

I came back home and have trained for four years using many different
programs and methods. I was real good in cardio vascular exercise, but I never was able to get very strong with the weights.

I have tried many diets. I did the high protein low carb diet eating lots of meats. I tried the high protein low fat diet eating no meat just whey and soy proteins with many fresh fruits and vegetables. I also tried the high protein low fat diet allowing myself to eat poultery and fish as well as whey and milk and soy protein along with grains and fruits and vegetables, but still to no avail. So after four years of trying different weight training and fitness techniques and being one of the only people to not make much progress at all, I finally decided to go to see a doctor.

So far I have went to three doctors searching for the answer to my problem as well as trying to find out what the problem is. First was the basic doctor who
checked my blood and told me everything was pretty healthy.

Then I was sent to the endocineologist. She tested my muscles and said that they were considerably weak for someone my size and age and especially for someone who had done so much strength and fitness training. She then checked my blood and said everything was healthy except I had about twice the cortisol of the average person, but not enough to give me medicine and not enough to stop me from getting stronger. So finally I was sent to the neurologist who thinks I might have MARFAN'S SYNDROME.

This neurologist told me that my training was not bad nor was my will weak
and that there was nothing wrong with my muscles, it is just that the
tendons and ligaments which connect to the muscles are too Lax. The
neurologist said I am working my muscles a lot but not my ligaments and

The neurologist told me I had a number of the syntoms that point to Marfan's syndrome especially the tall body with long skiny arms and legs. The flexable joints.

Like I mentioned just above he said that my muscles are just fine and I have trained well, but he said my ligaments and tendons which connect to my muscles and enable them to fully contract are just too lax.

All these years I thought I had a muscular deffect, but it turns out that my Neurologist is telling me the real problem with my strength is in the tendons and ligaments which connect to the muscles. The Neurologist basically left me thinking that my muscles and atheletic ability will never be able to truely reach their peak in performance nor progress much unless something can be done to help the tendons and ligaments which connect to these muscles.

Is there anything that can be done to help people with Marfan's syndrome be able to get stronger? I have trained and dieted well for Four full years and soon

And yet with all the money I have spent on supplements and with all the training I have done I still cannot do one pull up and still cannot do nearly enough push ups. and even worse I still cannot bech press more that 162 lbs without cheating or having someone help me.

I am very good at cardio vascular exercise but cannot get strong with weights. Even when I took a break from cardio vascular exercises to spend more effort in strength training I still could not get stronger in the upper body. Is there any kind of treatment that can help to make the ligaments and tendons which connect to the mucsles more tighter so that my muscles can possibly reach their true peak?

If you know of any contact person of have any information on a possible cure then please let me know. I really want another chance at the service. I was offered another chance but if I cannot pass the push ups then they still will not let me be
a soldier. I ask you to please let me know if there is anything that can be
done for someone who is trying very hard to get to be good enough physically
for the armed service but cannot seem to get strong enough in the upper
body because of this Marfan's syndrome. My e-mail addres is I thank you for any information.


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