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Published: 18 years ago
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I am amazed how these thoughts that we're sharing soon turn into a name calling, people bashing, I'm right- you're wrong contest. All people will NEVER see eye-to-eye. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes in these forums both sides are doing the same thing... trying to convince the other to change their belief,view,opinion and then getting upset when it doesn't work. Both sides are passionate in what they believe...that is plain to see & makes for a great conversation/debate. I guess I just want to would be nice if everyone could voice your opinion & listen to others with respect. You don't have to agree. Maybe agree to disagree.If you see someone with an opposing view feels as strongly as you do (will not change) respectfully drop it before it gets to name calling. One thing I see is that some are so quick to bash those that call themselves Christians because they believe in the war... main point being "killing is wrong, period!'' ... I personally do not judge these people because I believe you CAN be a Christian and still be wrong. I am thankful God knows our hearts whether we are right or wrong.We may be trying to do right & truly think we are right. Christians are human...not saints ...all humans have flaws... that's why it bothers me when one is so quick to point a finger & say ''you aren't a Christian cause you yelled..or called a name.. or snapped at me..or said something in a mean tone"..or "you don't believe the way I believe" ..or "you don't see the Bible the same way I do" (interpreting scripture)...again we are happens. When I speak harshly to my teenagers I still love them..I may have been frustrated or could only see my point at the time...none the less I still love them.... couldn't it be possible to BE a Christian & still say something in an ugly manner or BE wrong? Thank God we can ask forgiveness more than once. It is kind of like being a do the best you can (according to your knowledge & beliefs) to raise your children and yet you will be wrong about some things & make mistakes.... that does not make you a bad parent...just human. Just like going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger. I hope I have not offended anyone. I used Christians as an example here but it also swings the other way with being called anti-America because you don't believe in this war.
Just a thought.

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