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Homemade Cabbage Probiotic

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New lower prices!
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Published: 18 years ago
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Homemade Cabbage Probiotic

Hi Kizer,

I suggest you take a look at producing your own probiotics either at Dom's kefir in-site or make some lacto-fermented probiotics. The easiest way is this...Natural Homemade Probiotic taken from T Colon Health Handbook:

"... the intestines contain putrefactive bacteria as well as the friendly lactobacteria that help to control the activity of the putrefactive bacteria. We also saw that a number of fermented foods contain substantial quantities of live lactobacteria when freshly fermented, but that after a short time only high concentrations of lactic acid and little live lactobacteria are left. Because lactic acid is a waste product of metabolism, it should not be consumed in large quantities. Hence fermented food, when eaten, should be freshly prepared at home and consumed within a day's time.

There are special times when it is important to consume fermented food. One time is after taking Antibiotics because these kill all the intestinal tract bacteria. WHen the Antibiotics are stopped, the putrefactive bacteria will quickly reestablish themselves in the ailimentary tract because they are present everywhere in the environment. The lactobacteria, however, will often not reestablish themselves for some time unless specific action is taken to reintroduce them into the system. Another case in which essentially all the lactobacteria in the colon can be destroyed is when a colonic irrigation or enema using chlorinated water is received. ... A series of several colonic irrigations using purified water can also remove most of the lactobacteria. In fact, ANY effective colon-cleansing method will remove lactobacteria in the process of pulling stagnant material out of the colon.

One should build up the implantation of lactobacteria in the intestines after cleansing. This rejuvelac may also be used during the program to augment it or to control constipation.


Cabbage is a vegetable that is teemng with lactobacteria. No starter is needed for making rejuvelac. Just start one morning by blending together 1 3/4 cups (420ml) distilled or purified water plus 3 cups (720ml coarsely chopped, loosely packed fresh cabbage. Start the blender at low speed and then advance the blender to high speed and blend for 30 more seconds. Pour into a jar, cover, and let stand at room temperature for 3 days. At this time, strain off the liquid rejuvelac. The initial batch of cabbage rejuvelac takes 3 days to mature, but succeeding batches take 24 hours each.

Each morning after straining off the fresh rejuvelac, blend together for 30 seconds at high speed 1 1/2 cups (360ml) distilled or purified water plus 3 cups (720ml) coarsely chopped, loosely packed fresh cabbage. Pour into a jar, add 1/4 cup (60ml) of the fresh rejuvelac just strained off, cover, shake and let stand at room temp. until the next morning.

You can also make cabbage rejuvelac without a blender by chopping the cabbage very fine and using 2 1/2 cups (600ml) finely chopped, loosely packed cabbage listed above. The amount of distilled or purified water used should remain unchanged.

Good quality rejuvelac tastes similar to a cross between carbonated water and the whey obtained when making yogurt. Bad quality rejuvelac has a much more putrid odor and taste and should not be consumed. Always avoid using tap water when making rejuvelac because chlorine has been added to it for the purpose of killing bacteria of any kind.

Drink each day's rejuvelac during the course of the day by taking 1/2 cup (120ml) 3x a day, preferably with meals.

To implant a healthy population of lactobacteria in the intestinal tract, 1-3 months of taking rejuvelac are required. Keep taking rejuvelac daily for a minimum of one month but for however long necessary until you obtain reasonably bulky, well-lubricated stools on a day-after-day basis while eating a diet moderate in mucoidforming activity. If the stools bcome much less bulky or less lubricated when the rejuvelac is stopped and no change in diet has been made, the implantation was probably unsuccessful and should be tried again. Including cabbage, cabbage juice, or sun chokes in the diet, while rejuvelac is being taken can greatly assist the lactobacteria implantation process. When rejuvenating the digestion through an appropriate natural-healing program, 2-3 months of taking rejuvelac should be performed.

Robert Gray - The Colon Health Handbook

PLEASE NOTE: You must use sterile equipment, cabbage, water and containers as possible. Wash the blender, and any containers in very hot water first. Peel the cabbage well and then soak in a weak bleach solution for ten minutes. Soak in filtered or distilled water. Use plastic wrap to give an additional seal to the glass container when you screw on the lid. Then pass the mixture through a strainer or cheese cloth. Throw away the pulp and place the liquid in a glass jar and refrigerate. Drink one-half cup 2 or 3 times a day. To make a second batch only requires one day, instead of three. Blend cabbage and distilled water as directed above and add * cup of the last batch of cultured juice to the new batch and cover with a plastic or cellophane sheet. It will be ready in just 24 hours. This process can be repeated indefinitely. Its worth pointing out that this extraordinarily effective detoxification protocol costs only pennies a day. White Cabbage is best.

Wheat is a grass and whole wheat berries are teeming with lactobacteria. No starter is needed for making rejuvelac. Just add two cups of distilled or puriied water to one cup whole wheat berries....cover and let stand at room temperature...sterilize container and lid. Cover jar with cheese-cloth, piece of nylon stocking, or nylon mesh. Leave at room temp and it will be ready to drink 2-4 days until bubbles appear on top. Strain off the not shake jar.and drink. Then add more water and repeat... You can do this for ten days with the same berries. After the initial day and one half the rest will be ready in just 24 hours. If you use millet seed they will act the same..but you can only use it for four days or it will be too weak to be of any value.

Smell the drink before using it. If the odor is offensive, do not use it. Sometimes the drink gets contaminated by other bacteria strains. Don't expect this to taste like your favorite soft drink. It has a peculiar and unusual tang. This drink implants friendly bacteria into the intestinal tract much more effectively than eating yogurt or taking acidophilus tablets

Good luck!


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