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Re: healthy foods?

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: healthy foods?


(my qi chi pig blog)


In the Raw by Lapis blog:



browse all the pages in these,
and I am sure you will find something you can
use, or create (adapt your own version to )
Lapis is 100% raw foodist
and I am about 80-90% raw

I use no soy , canola , vegetable or peanut oil.
you might do a bit of reading in my *wind whispers blog*
about dangers of genetically modified foods,
dioxins in certain foods,
mercury, reasons for non dairy
and no animal- flesh eating lifestyle,
and alterantive (non toxic) ways
to get your omega 3 and 6 efas.
as well as protein, and fiber. (in my qi chi pig blog)
by use of flaxseed and hempseed ground up.

ultimately you are the deciding factor.
peanuts are full of molds and fungus/
the butter is far worse.

useage of teflons and aluminums in cooking add to toxicity.
best way to use oils in cooking /
are to lightly steam a veggie with as little as possible water
and to keep top on at low heat, til veggie is still crisp
and good color, not limp and over cooked.
then add your oil (a dash ) to help in digestion,
and perhaps the spice you desire.

I would prefer all raw diet myself,
but there are a few things I do cook ,
since our produce here is just plain lousy,
and I have to admit there are still a few treats
I like that I cook / one being carob/coconut/vanilla cookies
that I make for my son at his request and I have a few of those
when I make them .

We generally use coconut oil , sunflower oil , sesame oil , olive oil ,
or avocado oil in whatever we do .
(when we do use oils) and they are generally in very small amts.

A good thing to do, concerning washing produce,
is a short *bath * in apple cider vinegar for abotu 20 minutes
(about a capful to a large bowl of soak water)
or about the same of diluted 3 % hydrogen peroxide for 15 min.
Another alt is simply put some undiluted peroxide in a spray pump ,
and spray the produce (after initial dirt rinse scrub)
let it sit 1-2 minutes then rinse and eat.
either of these antifungal / parasitic washes
will not leave a smell or affect taste of your produce.

shelled nuts bought commercially
are probably rancid, since nuts do this fairly
quicky after shelling.
If you buy nuts, get them in shell,
then (esp almonds)
blanch lightly in slightly boiled water for about 30 seconds
to slip off the toxic brown skin.
refridgerate what you have unshelled and eat within a few days.
most folks will soak nuts for at least an hour in room temp water,
to help them be better digested.

Hope you find some great recipes to try
(I know you will !)
and have great fun creating your own
taste treats.
I wanted a crunchy cracker and experimented greatly
til I came up with a nice crisp ground flaxssed/hempseed one,
that I alternately add different spices
such as hot spicy cayenne chili ones
or italian herb ones or dill weed/ etc..

I am still working on trying to get as close to raw as I can ,
a lemon *pudding* pie
since I am the orignal lemon lover for sure !

It is alot of fun testing stuff ,
My oldest son , I must admit is turning into
quite the gourmet *chef * lol
he adds stuff in so many odd variety mixes
and they seem to just get better each time.

His last soup he made was fantastic balance of
split peas, lentils, Celery , cabbage,
carrots, corn, regular peas too (just a bare few ),
onions, and a hint of fresh tomato.
Everything was in balance and he used no spices or oils.
he only adds veggies at last few minutes of cooking so they
don't get mushy.
the carrots and corn gave a nice sweet taste
off setting the blandness of the legumes.
and the other veggies gave a great crunch.
I think he may have have drizzled a small bit of oil
after, into it, for digestive aide.

Anyhow I have babbled your ear off *smile*
feel free to share any great recipes you come up with,

We made homemade baked crisp tortilla chips last week .
extremely little oil was used,
and no salt, lovely crispy chips..
most tortillas that you get commercially
or fried in soy , or canola oil
and ingredient is often *bleck * LARD!

I like to have control to the best
of my ability over what I do eat.
I will be moving in next few year,
and will be looking forward to having
a better selection of fresh produce

ps / also read about growing your own sprouts
on the qi chi pig blog

from a food lover !
Ami Joi Benton


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