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the parasite connection.. Tracy
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Published: 18 years ago
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the parasite connection.. Tracy

Hi All, I just got this from a family member and felt it may help some people out here too.

Wow, pretty amazing story! I tried to write down some of what we talked about earlier. . .hope this helps :) As we talked about today, I think the whole issue of worms/ parasites is related to the whole matter of psychological/spiritual transformation. It seems like the fears that you have always had about the parasites are a mirror of shadow parts of yourself that you've been exploring and healing lately. It makes sense to me that when those shadow elements are repressed (sometimes for a good reason!) they manifest physically. After all, physics tells us that energy is conserved. . .so, the energy of those shadow parts--from the events that you experienced--that energy either has to come out or express itself some other way. It could be worms, it could be a tumor, it could be depression. . could be a whole variety of things. So, to me it is no coincidence that just as you have begun to dive deeply into your inner world that you got the info. from your sister about parasites. And, like we talked about, this stuff about parasites has gone back at least a year and a half, including school classes and your reactions to that and to Alyssa's worms. Then, just at the time when you were ready to draw a connection between the inner world and the physical world on these issues, boom! the info. appears from your sister. Totally synchronistic. You asked me about the Toltec mythology about fear and worms. Worms or serpents are a kind of symbol for the spirit beings the Toltecs believed were always present with humans--there were good spirits and evil spirits. The evil ones fed on strong negative human emotions and the good ones on strong positive emotions. Funny, it totally reminds me of Monsters, Inc. and I wouldn't be surprised if this is what that story came from. Anyhow, this is mythology, so the idea is that all this "good" and "bad" is inside us and the more we feed the negative the more that is strengthened and vice versa for the positive. What I found interesting was that the worm/serpent was the symbol of fear. Any kind of fear does, literally "eat at us" and take away a lot of our energy. So, since we know that thoughts eventually manifest themselves one way or the other in the physical world, why couldn't you manifest worms/parasites as a response to repressed fear? And, if your intuition was aware of this all the time, that may be where your fear of them came from. . It reminds we of the famous quote by Franklin Roosevelt that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself". In a way, that is what you've been experiencing if you see my analogy. You've done so much inner work lately and so, synchronistically, I think you and your sister are and have been communicating, soul to soul, for a while. . both sharing with each other: awakening memories, offering support, sharing insights. Her information came along precisely when you would be able to use it. Hopefully, the info. you gave her will do the same. I want to share a few thoughts with you from a book I have been re-reading since we talked earlier today. It talks about some of what you are already coming into awareness of. . but the language is very beautiful and I thought you might enjoy it.

"You have been conditioned to fear what you might do if you were to act spontaneously, but such fear is based upon a lie. You are not evil at your core, not forged in sin. The universe has created in you not a demon or a fool but a magnificent, luminous being. You share eterniy's creative power and all the wondrous beauty of time. You share a single unified field of awareness with angels and with the Star Maker (God). . .Do not sacrifice on the altar of your mind the sacred wisdom that rises with each beat of your heart. Do not let the grim priests of tradition tear out the very heart of the spontaneous currents that carry insight of eternity. Let your mind relax in love and openness until it becomes an altar upon which the Creator's consciousness descends. . .The inherent intelligence of life itself will bring you an understanding of self and world and guide you unerringly into the future."

"When you receive God, you receive the consciousness that precedes all manifestation, the limitless consciousness of eternal love that was from the beginning, is now, and ever shall be--before, beyond, above and within all relationship. . . Do not struggle for the kind of understanding that comes through effort. Intellectual effort has its place but not in the reactivation of your spiritual perception, for that comes only when all efforts of the ego have ceased and you accept yourself, ground zero, just as you are (Debbie Ford sounding eh?). When you relax and accept yourself comprehension rises unfailingly into your awareness. Accept the understanding that emerges in response to the moments of your life. Do not strive for more comprehension than that which appears effortlessly. You will know what you need to know and remember what you have forgotten"

"Relaxing again into the fields of pure perception that glow as God's awareness, releasing attachment to human knowledge, both personal and collective, letting go of favored concepts, images, beliefs--these are the steps in a psychological process that each person must move through in the course of awakening. This process allows your spirit-world sensitivity to blossom. It causes you to understand from a new perspective both your individuality and the whole of which you are a part. It does not destroy or diminish your ego; it merely washes away the illusions that have made your ego miserable. It releases your understanding from the bonds of gravity that hold it in struggle and fear."

"The psychological process is an initiation of sorts, a rite of passage. It demonstrates your willingness to turn away from a language-based understanding of of reality and to restore trust in reality itself, in the Eternal Being at the source of your life. It requires courage. You must be willing to accept the wonder, the power, the awesome reality of human design. "



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