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Re: HELP!!!! Need advice/knowledge

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: HELP!!!! Need advice/knowledge

> After first flush I felt much better, and didn't do 2nd flush until 4 weeks later

That was mistake. You should be flushing every 10 - 14 days, if there are no symptoms, and you should flush the very next day or the same day you experience an attack.

> Since then I've had numerous attacks, some without any warning or "reason"

It is because your second flush have moved stones, and one of them is on the wrong place and is causing problems. Do another flush, it may puch that stone out, or move it into some better position.

> how many times will I have to do it to completely rid myself of them

That is the question for GOD, because only God may know the answer. Flush is not a school, where you know exactly how many exams and years it takes to graduate.
Flush is a school of life, and it is different for every person.
Ask yourself what you may learn from your attacks, and go on, learning.

> when should I stop having attacks?

Again, that is the question for God, but an average human with your symptoms may need 5 - 20 flushes, plus improved diet, lifestyle, and possibly need for understanding why?

Why did you get those stones in the first place?

Understanding this question and finding answers (yes, there are usually many answers) on this question may be very important for some people.

Some people get stones because they need to experince pain, they need to experince suffering, they need to experince surgery.

Other get stones because they need to change their lifestyle, their diet, their life, their thoughts, their husband, ....

Every person is different, and do not expect your experience to be similar to any other experience!

> Have you guys had frequent attacks and after lots of flushing they stopped?

Many people experienced that. Some people didn't Some people have choosen surgery after 4 or 10 flushes.

Remember, every person is different, and do not expect your experience to be similar to any other experience!

> I really beleive that this could help me-and I want to avoid surgery so much-but am starting to give up.

Give up after 2 flushes?

Miracles do happen, but you have to try few times more!

The only difference between winners and
losers, is that loser try and fail ...try and fail,,, try and fail and give up. Winners try and fail,,, try and fail...over and over again until they succeed. Don't give up!

History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. -- Bertie C. Forbes

Keep trying, "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day"

It took you years to destroy your health!

Why would you expect to get it back in one night flush?
And, why do you think that surgery would solve all your problems?

Read those stories ... and have some hope! Read also all the messages posted in Liver Flush FAQ !


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