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Flush Report: 3rd flush best with some changes in protocol

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Published: 18 years ago
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Flush Report: 3rd flush best with some changes in protocol

Tracey wanted me to post my results for her since she put me onto this Liver Flushing thing, so he ya go. These are each 2 weeks apart.

1st flush: at the end of 3-week Lemonade Diet . Followed H. Clark's protocol. Had nasty toxic hangover, saw 20-40 tiny stones and some chaff. Anus burned from what came out. (Ouch!) I don't pick through everything in the toilet, so my stone count is probably low.

2nd flush: during normal diet, drank 5 gallons of apple juice during week prior. I skipped the fourth dose of Epsom Salts (the second morning-after one). Didn't feel nearly as sick this time, quicker recovery, no burning, and similar results (20-40 tiny stones).

3rd flush: during normal diet, drank 1/2 gallon of apple juice the day before. A difference this time is that I've been following a Candida protocol, taking Threelac, biotin supplements, and 2 teaspoons of olive oil (for oleic acid) twice a day for the last two weeks. I mix the olive oil with grapefruit juice to help get it down, so it's similar to the flush cocktail. It gave me disgusting olive oil burps for a couple days as if I had trouble digesting it, but then that stopped. I wonder if these frequent blasts of olive fat helped clear the bile ducts at all. On the day of the 3rd flush I stopped this and fasted all day to build up bile pressure.

I'm guessing the real flushing gets done during the first hour after the olive oil goes down, so this time I skipped BOTH the 3rd and 4th (both morning) doses of Epsom Salts and used that time instead for a salt water bowel flush and to start rehydrating. I also drank a full glass of water when I woke up during the night, 4 hours after drinking the olive oil.

I hardly felt sick at all this time, and got out much bigger stones. The biggest is 1.8 cm long and about half as wide, and the rest are probably 4-10 times as big as what I got before. They are all dark green, whereas some were green and some brown before.

The pollen count here has skyrocketed in the last few weeks. I had bad allergies before the flush, but now they are much better.

- small rodent in arid climate


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