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Third flush results!
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Published: 20 years ago
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Third flush results!

Hello everyone!

For my third flush, I decided to try natureman's recipe which uses no Epsom Salts . I ate only raw/dried fruit and salad the morning of the flush.

Instead of the first dose of Epsom Salts , I took 400 mg of magnesium citrate, and 400 mg again for the second dose. Right before bed I took the grapefruit/olive oil mixture, and for the first time I felt really nauseous from it--I almost vomited, and couldn't finish the whole thing. I managed to get most of it down, though. (Maybe I needed more grapefruit juice?)

I laid down on my right side, and I could feel the stones moving! No pain, but I felt them in my side... it was really interesting! I had taken 8 ornithine with the grapefruit/olive oil and slept pretty well through the night.

When I got up in the morning, I did a saltwater flush (per the master cleanse). It took an hour for me to expel anything. When I did, I had several 'batches' of emerald green stones, about 25 in all, mostly pea-sized and larger, as well as some yellow stones. I didn't pass anything for a few hours the next day, and so I did another saltwater flush to get things moving. Again, it took a while for it to go through, but yielded some interesting stones: some yellowish-tan ones, with little red flecks, as well as small green stones, and some stringy stuff--I wonder if it's parasites? I've been on the parasite maintenance program for a while now (I actually forgot this week's dose!). It was like vermicelli rice noodles but much smaller. Througout the evening I expelled some more stones here and there, but I could tell more were on their way.

I was right--this morning I got up and passed about 20 stones, some of them pretty large! Most of them were cherry-sized, and one in particular was only slightly smaller than a golfball! I couldn't believe it. They started off being kind of brownish and got progressively more white. Toward the end, they were coming out in 'feces' (which was really the undigested meal of salad that I ate yesterday to break the fast--strange). I am so glad to have all this stuff out of me. I saved most of the stones from this flush and they fill up an entire Bonne Maman jam jar! Can you believe all that crap was hanging out in my liver?! All in all, I think I expelled about 100 stones, most of them larger than peas and some of them cherry-sized and even larger. Although in some ways this was my most difficult flush, it was definitely the most productive and it was so worth it! I'm finding that each flush gets more and more amazing results! I look forward to each flush because I never know what will come out, and it's always different each time. Such cool stuff, this flushing is!


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