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Hi everyone! I'm back, and have questions regarding Oxy Cleanse and electrolyte balance.
Miss Scarletwhiskers Views: 2,084
Published: 16 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm back, and have questions regarding Oxy Cleanse and electrolyte balance.

Hi everyone!

I have frequented these boards for years now in my quest to lick a stubborn chronic condition, and am about to try the Oxypowder soon here.

At this point I have come to the conclusion that my disease has originated in my colon. Especially since the first stage of chronic illness for me first popped up when I was 15 and was diagnosed with really nasty IBS. After ten years it morphed into systemic candidiasis, chronic fatigue, multiple food sensitivities and digestive hell. Now I am 29 and wanting to get my health back on track this year so I can start my third decade feeling GOOD!!! :)

I did do the psyllium and Bentonite shakes for about eight months a few years ago along with antifungals and made considerable (albeit slow) improvement. I cleared up an allergy to eggs, nuts, and even was able to tolerate grains more! I had more energy, too.

Then my yeast became resistant to the Grapefruit-Seed-Extract I was taking as well as the caprylic acid and I went off the psyllium and just took Primal Defense to keep it in check. I still had to avoid anything remotely sweet, however. Thank God I discovered Threelac, too. That really helps me keep the yeast levels down.

Now I am raw vegan (if you don't agree with this diet don't bother trying to get me off it --I feel my best on it and pay the price dearly when I eat any cooked food --especially meat.)

The Psyllium however constipates me horribly now, and I am going to try the Oxypowder to see if I can get rid of any uglies this way. colonics are WAY to expensive for me at this point, besides I like the idea of getting the small intestine clean, too.

Funny, all those months I was doing the Psyllium before I NEVER saw ANY black ropes! I was taking it with bentonite, too. I wonder why????

So I figure that the mucoid plaque must still be in there, giving the yeast and parasites a warm cozy home to live in! Because no matter how much I restrict my sugar, increase my nutrition, and kill those bastards, they just come right back as soon as any sugars or starches are eaten.

I thought I would just fill you all in on where I am at right now since I will be frequenting this board again here.

MY QUESTION is can a person take Threelac with Oxypowder at the same time? Or will the Threelac just be washed out along with the watery stools?

Also, does a person lose electrolites and minerals while cleansing with Oxy Powder like you would with diareeah? I know they say its not diareeah with the Oxy Powder per se, but it sound similar if people are describing it as "butt pee"!!!

Thanks guys for any answers! I'm nervous to take the Oxy Powder because I have so much evil in my gut that needs to come out, I just hope I don't go though detox hell to get there!



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