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Re: GREAT Question & Comment!! Re: Anyone used "BIOXY CLEANSE"

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My Complexion is Glowing
Oxy-Powder Attacks The Source Of Your Constipation, You Will ...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: GREAT Question & Comment!! Re: Anyone used "BIOXY CLEANSE"

'Sorry I didn't clarify - I was speaking of products that recently 'hit the market' such as Oxypowder .

I just assumed everyone knew that oxygen had been researched and found to be something necessary for life & healing.

The article you pointed me to, indicates that Dr. Otto Warburg "found that any cell deprived of 50% or more of it's oxygen turned cancerous!" but didn't indicate that he "discovered" or recommended anything called 'homozon'.

So in searching to learn more accurate information, I found this site:
that states: "Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass, Ph.D., is also considered one of the fathers of
oxygen therapies. In 1929, while looking for a cure for cancer, he
developed the first powdered form of stabilized oxygen. Dr. Blass
that a patient's bowel must be cleansed and free of any old impacted fecal
matter (hardened mucus toxins) that might impair health. He realized that
cancer and other pathogens did not live well in an oxygenated environment.
Dr. Blass created a product he named Homozone that incorporated
stabilized-oxygen molecules bound to magnesium. The product was designed
to be a source of magnesium and oxygen, which would effectively promote
intestinal cleansing to eliminate accumulated hardened mucus waste."

Then I found this information on another site:

Homozon is the first and original magnesium based oxygen product manufactured since 1898.

This page ought to a page telling you all about homozon. But instead we are forced to begin this page by dispelling the inaccuracies and in some cases plain rubbish that we have found stated about this product on other web sites selling products with names like 'oxy this' and 'oxy that'. Interestingly, we have noticed that after pointing out these errors, these companies often change their web sites accordingly, so obviously they are reading this page, thank God.

First of all we have come across many a web site claiming that they were selling a product with a different name entirely but claiming it was 'Dr Blass's original "homozone"' (spelt incorrectly).

So lets start at the begining. There is, and only ever has been only one homozon and that is the product called homozon, and we are the only suppliers in the UK. Any product that is not called homozon may well be wonderful ( Colosan is just one example) but is defintely not homozon. Apart from anything, homozon was NOT invented by Dr Eugene Blass, although he did contribute to its development. Therefore the description of anything being Dr Blass's original homozon is factually incorrect since he was not involved with the product in its orignal form!

Then there is the spelling issue. Homozon was originally sold in 1898 as, 'haemozon' (haem referrring to the blood). It was then changed to homozon. It has never, ever been 'homozone'. It would be nice if companies claiming to be selling "updated homozone" etc could be bothered to at least spell it correctly, before making their erroneous or unsubstantiated claims.

We have also found many web sites claiming to be selling products described as "updated homozone" (spelt wrong, again...until we point this fact out). The companies making these products, some of which are good, and some of which are lousy, are producing products which are attempting to IMITATE homozon. There is nothing wrong with that in iteslf, but we do have a problem with people being misled. So let's be clear: They are not, and cannot be, 'updated' or 'improved' homozon for the very simple reason that homozon is produced by a secret process. So how can they update something that they dont know how to produce in the first place? Well obvously, they can't. Not only that, but when you ask them for evidence that their product has been independantly tested for release of reactive oxygen species compared with homozon (since they are claiming that such and such is better) they usually seem to go rather quiet.

We have also seen it described as Nicola Tezla's homozon (Tesla spelt wrong, yep there is a pattern here), although he had NOTHING to do with this product at any point. Teslas contribution to the field of Oxygen therapy was the invention of the cold plasma ozone generator but this has nothing to do with homozon.

Having got all the misinformation out of the way, please click the link below for some accurate information about homozon. (I clicked, here's the rest:)

Homozon is the 'original' magnesium based oxygen therapy product made since 1898. Please note: due to the unreliability of the manufacturer our stocks are unreliable, and there are often long periods when we are unable to supply it. When it is not available we recommend Colosan as an alternative.

Homozon is an Oxygen therapy product designed for internal use. It is an ideal adjunct to Ozone therapy, though it is also a powerful stand-alone product. It is similar in action to Colosan, our other magnesium based oxygen product, though some people seem to get on better with homozon and some prefer colosan. Homozon is a compound of magnesium and oxygen in which the magnesium atoms form a loose lattice onto which oxygen is bonded by a catalytic process. When taken with lemon juice or other acidic juice, that oxygen is released inside the digestive tract, producing powerful de-toxifying effects. It cleanses the bowel, and has anti-fungal / candidal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Homozon provides oxygen to the body in the form of nascent or "singlet" oxygen, also called the oxygen free-radical. Nascent oxygen is oxygen in its most chemically active and available state, and that is the only state of oxygen the body uses. The atmospheric oxygen (O2) we normally breathe has to be converted by the body into nascent oxygen.

Homozon has a wonderful laxative effect. The stool is always loose and bowel movement regular and, depending on dosage, frequent. Some people consider the bowel-loosening action of Homozon a problem, but that is really one of its desired effects, facilitating elimination of toxicity through the bowel. However Homozon works by oxidising toxins and faecal matter in the bowel and not by irritating it as with conventional laxatives. Homozon was first developed in 1898 in Germany, since when the formulation has been improved a number of times. The current manufacturer claims that one teaspoon is equivalent to 750 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide. For those who are new to oxygen therapy, that is a lot of oxygen! Homozon looks and tastes the same as colosan and is designed to have the same effect.


I'm still finding nothing about Dr. Warburg (the 'double Nobel winner) having discovered or produced a product called Homozon. Maybe you can help me out and let me know where you found that information?

Healthy blessings :)


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