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Re: Overwhelmed and sick
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Overwhelmed and sick

Well, first of all I'm not really sure about the sushi. I believe parasites can be in fish and you are more likely to get them from raw fish. However, I just read a book by Jordan Rubin. He has several out where he advocates a whole foods diet based on biblical foods and foods our ancestors ate. he does mention eating raw meat as a good thing. I think the stipulation is that it must come from a really reputable source and be of the swimming-fin variety, rather than bottom-feeder shell fish. Personally, I'd avoid it until I felt 100% better.

I think you probably aught to go the route with adding the Hulda Clark tincture. From my experience, the program Cleansesmart was a total waste of money. I know a lot of people are into Paragone by the same company. I tried the Clark tincture from along with Intestinal Freedom. I had some relief initially, along with all the typical stuff like fatique, irritability, congestion...ready to climb the walls, etc. The first week was the hardest, b/c I was getting hit with everything at once and felt really moody. An old ingury (shattered foot) started hurting again and a had a little trouble walking comfortably on it, etc. Dr. McCain (from the website) recommended taking liquid calcium, b/c the detox programs can be hard on your body. I actually didn't take it and the pain and everything went away by the second week. I felt pretty crummy until I was almost done with the detox.

Of course, I really didn't feel like that program was enough. My stomach is still incredibly bloated by mid-morning...constipation, the whole bit. I came across Gaia Herbs Supreme Cleanse (an internet search can save you quite a bit off retail). This one is pretty cool in that There's a powder and 3 tictures. I know the Sweetish Bitters Elixer is similar to the Clark tincture. Reading the ingredients it's obviously a parasite cleanse. The Red CLover Supreme cleanses your blood and who knows what else. The Rejuve powder helps with colon cleansing. There's sort of a bunch of stuff to take, but it's easy to develop a routine and premix the herbal tinctures with juice or water and pop in mini containers. No pills, which is nice. The main draw back is how completely vile the Rejuve Powder tastes.'d think you we're taking herbal dirt mixed with charcoal. Maybe....

The cleanse is actually 2 intense weeks (not any worse than any other program, but a bit shorter). You can take it up to 6 weeks. That's what I've done and I'm almost finished. I also found the best way to keep from gagging on the herbal dirt is to plug your nose and slam it like you're at a college keg party (a big glass of juice or water nearby to chase the taste down with). Also, don't think about the taste.

You should take the acidophilius right from the beginning and even before you truly start cleansing. It can take several months of taking it daily to really impact your body. The idea behind a Colon Cleanse first is truly to make sure your colon is functioning properly (really important when you are trying to get rid of parasites). If you end up doing a parasite cleanse or even a colon cleanse, not allowing yourself to get constipated is really important. Even my husband had a problem with that (normally he's fine), so I just got something mild like an Aloe Laxative by Nature's Way. I know you said you don't have a problem with that, but just in case.

The thing about the cleanses is the fact you are detoxing your body and it can be a little stressful for your system. The Gaia Herbs Cleanse doesn't recommend you take vitamins or anything along with it. I've felt better and had a better time with it when I supplemented the cleanse with a good multivitamin.

I'm really focused on getting better, so after the first four weeks, I added daily exercise like running, lifting weights, etc. Exercise helps your digestive system. I also added ab-focused exercises and that helped me with constipation. I increased my water intake by quite a bit more...added multivitamins, amino acids, liquid calcium, acidophilus tea.

Initially, I was juice-fasting but it got expensive. When I did that, I would ward of the dizziness and hunger with a glass of spicy vegetable juice mixed with flax seed oil. The flax seed is pretty gross, but mixed with the vege-juice it's easier to drink and cuts down on some of the heat. Sometimes, I've added extra fiber if I ate something I shouldn't (like cheese).

Hulda Clark e has a website here somewhere that discusses Ascaris and all of that grossness. If you still don't feel terrific after whatever cleanses you do, you can try some of the things she recommends for specific things. I'm not into the zapper. There's just so much info out there, it gets a little overwhelming. I think the Candida Cleanse along with Paragone are specific cleanses that work pretty well. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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