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Re: parasite cleansing and your questions
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: parasite cleansing and your questions

I feel your Liver Cleanses haven't gone real well because you haven't parasite cleansed first. Hulda Clark says you can't cleanse the liver with parasites in it. I did a few parasite cleanses before the first liver cleanse.
Do both moons each month, the new moon(Jan 10) and full moon(Jan 25). If you don't have the herbs until Jan. 25 then start then but then always do both full moons each month.
Start your pills 3 to 5 days before each full moon and go at least 5 days after, some bottles tell you to finish the bottle, you can if you want to. Take a break between moons.

I but my Hanna Kroeger at a local health food store (Michigan) or also on her web site the parasite section has many homepathic ways to fight parasites, my daughter is 21 but hates to swallow pills so she uses the ones you put under your tongue, they are not as strong but at least she is doing something. I have used almost every brand out there over the past two years, each one gets good results, usually different results with each one, lately I do Hanna Kroeger because I get good results and it is so reasonable $10. a bottle. This month I added her bottle of cloves, so I take extra cloves to kill the eggs once in a while. I take 6 to 8 pills of the Wormwood combo and 2 to 4 of the clove twice a day. If I was just starting out I would take 4 Wormwood and only 2 clove, you don't have to buy the clove extra it is in the Wormwood combo, I just do once in a while.
She also sells rascal, good for Tapeworm and around $10. a bottle.

The L-cysteine brand is by solgar,capsules and must say free form
I bought Now brand before but these were caplets and they seem to sit in my stomach too long and upset it. As long as it says free form and capsules I would buy them. I don't take the L-Cysteine at the same time as the wormwood, I find it to be more effective taken alone, to much mixture together maybe!?!? So take a couple hours apart.
The elecampane is Nature's Way brand, I love this herb, I got out soooo many roundworms the first time I used it with the wormwood combo pills. I vary each month, this month is the added cloves, next month I may add the elecampane, or bee propolis again.
I always take the L-cysteine each month because it gets the Ascaris out. That and the bee propolis are the only pills that kill the big Ascaris for me.
The bee propolis is by Country Life, I have bought other brands, this should almost smell like paint or finger nail polish, the brands that didn't smell didn't work well.
You can buy most of these are herb stores on the web also.

Wow, as far as symptoms I have gotten rid of, the list is almost endless, but remember it has been just over 2 years of cleansing and many, MANY parasites leaving my body.(HUGE ONES TOO!!!)

I use to sleep whenever I could, I had to work but when I wasn't working I was sleeping, no energy at all, it was terrible. I still will need naps, but only a few times a week now, it is a HUGE difference.

The ringing in my ears is quite better but now completely gone, I still get dead pinworms out each day. The ringing was so loud for years I would go scream, I put either tea tree oil or oil of oregano with water on a Q-tip each night, this seems to kill the pinworms, well some of them each night anyways. You will smell terrible going to bed but my husband just wants his ~well~ wife back again!!! Also same up my nose as I have pinworms and roundworms there also. Sick huh!!! They just don't belong inside of us, sometimes I just can't believe what is inside of my body and what I have seen leave my body.

I couldn't go out in the sun without sun glasses, couldn't stand the bright light, actually kinda hurt my eyes, made them ache if I didn't have sun glasses on, now I can go out with the sunglasses, the sun is my friend again.

The deep Depression I use to have was just terrible, had tried twice to end my life, and I had non stop feelings about ending my life all the time, would not leave the house except to work just coz I had to work, now I am NOT depressed, I will get down in the dumps over things that happen sometimes but it actually goes away shortly, it is great.

The headaches, oh wow, they were unbearable, missed work with these, in bed for days, throwing up, my husband would carry me into the doctor for pain shots and they only would dull it. It amazes me that the worms were causing these but I am so thankful they are gone, now I only get sinus headaches and asprin takes care of these, someday I will not have these either, I am sure of this.

TMJ, there were times it hurt so bad from sharp shooting pains going down my jaw into my neck. That has ended and the clicking noise, and lock jaw where I could open or couldn't close my mouth.

The biggest one was MS, multiple sclerosis, and the one that scared me the most. It was so hard to work when these symptoms started, I would fall and say the floor was slippery, walking I would fall into a wall and just laugh and make a silly excuse if someone say me, like I didn't get enough sleep the night before.
I couldn't grip a pencil, I am an aide at an elementary school, so I would tell the students to write it, or I would type it.
My feet started to droop when I walked so I tried not to walk any more than I had to, and walked very slowly kinda dragging my feet so no one would notice the foot drooping.
I noticed I couldn't lift easy things anymore, more than one book at the school, at home a gallon of milk, a coffee pot only with 6 cups, was too heavy, also I couldn't grip them anymore.
I couldn't talk sometimes, it was as if my brain told my mouth what to say but my mouth didn't know how to do it anymore, I became very quiet, and sometimes I would talk backwards, not making any sense. My memory was going fast also, couldn't remember where I had just laid something down or what someone had just said to me. This was the scariest for me, I thought I was going to die without even trying to.
Well I am very pleased to say that after 8 months these symptoms started getting better and now 2 years later I have non of these symptoms. Parasite, colon, liver, bladder, detox, master cleanses all helped.

Wow, this is so long, I am not sure what your symptoms are but I am pretty sure parasites have something to do with them and you will get better, not over night, but it will happen. I am still working on my sinus problems, I still have silver fillings to get out and I feel that will help.

I have been so very blessed, it brings me to tears how blessed I have been. I pray that others will be blessed also, but we have to cleanse and cleanse to get this blessing. This site helped me so much over the past two years, I never did a post, just came here and read, cried, felt better knowing I wasn't alone or strange. Now I post to try and help others. Come here often, we will help if we can, you have new friends here, let us know how you are doing..heyjude


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