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from for killing parasites

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

powderpuff Views: 21,733
Published: 16 years ago

from for killing parasites

I am posting this for a friend as I don't have a link as of yet.
We exchanged ideas

She said Natures Sunshine has an awesome product that will take care of parasites. It is extract of Mugwort and wormseed to be taken with c.c.e.-W from Pureherbs.

Also--- AGRISEPT-L and it is supposed to kill parasites in us and on us. If you take a bath in it, a few drops, you will end up with thousands in the tub.

“FROM Powderpuff:

I want to thank Penny for all of her hard work and for sharing her research with us.

Also, all of the people on the board for “J Jill” for researching ellagiac acid and ”Greema” that researched Candex and I think it is “Barb” that told us about salt shampoos.

Logic is that you are going to spend money on something, why not spend it on these items so the disease will not get worse. Would you agree, getting to the root of the problem is the key? I wish this would just miraculously go away but it doesn’t.
I started this complete program (as others have) 10-15-04 and my symptoms are gone, it is now December 20, 2004. My symptoms:
Red bumps under breasts and covering most of my midriff, stomach swelling, left side of lower abdomen hurting inside most of the time, bubbly-foamy urine, brain fog, when I ate my stomach would swell.
Then my head started itching all of the time, bugs crawling in my head, biting and more and more were coming as they hatched. Ton’s of no-see um bugs crawling on the outside of my body in swarm’s leaving red oozing sores on my neck, arms and chest. Things crawling under my scalp that I think are worms.
I did everything that is listed here. I decided that since the few doctors that I went to told me I had DOP (delusional parasites) that I would not go that route. This is the one I chose and I am pleased I did. I totally believe in self-care. I spent a lot of money on doctors that gave me the run around all the while my spirit and soul were grieving over this.
I did a parasite cleanse from some well known company online that worked temporarily but since they didn’t kill the four stages of eggs, it all came back. I also got lots of yuckie “worms” out so I knew I had a problem.
Initially all I did in September 1, 2004 was take the Pomegranate and in 3 days my sores and bugs and itching had stopped getting worse and was on the way to recovery. It is now December and all my sores and bugs are gone. I had sores that had erupted on my chest and arms and “no see um bugs” crawling all over me. I was going nuts with bugs in my hair ---crawling around and hatching. I had foam in my urine, my pancreas was cramping, my bladder was cramping and my kidneys hurt. I had symptoms of IBS. I knew I didn’t have IBS. I don’t have any of these symptoms any more.
I rubbed castor oil on my sores and that helped a whole lot too to help in the healing process.
I have put this together to help hurting/desperate people. Please read the whole thing and then choose for yourself what you will do.

FROM PENNY:Penny has been doing ‘A recipe for killing parasites’ for 14 months and it has been the cure for her.She is not selling these products and hopes they will help you too. Penny has spent hours upon hours researching for her own benefit and wants to share with everyone as she has learned a lot about these things. There is no quick cure to date, but she feels this will work because it worked for her, IF you will stick with it. MOST IMPORTANT!!!EVERYONE must be treated in your house at the same time, even your pets. Open a capsule of Pomegranate Extract and add some to your pet’s water dish every day. Just enough to color their drinking water a little. It works.Penny wants to know if she can help any further and said: “God bless you with good health”. Penny, Your friend in Florida,

Dear Friend:Do not feel overwhelmed. The time and money invested is worth it and these tips will work. You have to be patient as it is not an overnight cure. Trust in God to get you through it. Remember, we are always here for you to extend inspiration and this will give you faith to continue. We pray you will stay motivated. In the beginning all I could afford was the Pomegranate but later I was able to work the whole program for complete healing. I have tried to think of everything that I have done in the healing process to get me where I am today. It is a lot but just read it all and decide what you want to do and how you want to go about it. The topic“ main ingredients” are where you start. Good luck!!Contact us anytime, just don’t quit.May the peace of God be with you! Your friend, J A Recipe for Killing Parasites(Please, please do your research for your own healing. There is a ton of information on the NUSPA board regarding this. So go there often so you can learn. Remember this---it is up to you.

Main Ingredients: The Liquid Ionic Copper, Silver and Pomegranate Extract w/ 40% Ellagic acid and Candex are the main ingredients, and the most important to killing off parasites.

Another thing, the enzyme cleaner is also very important. Wash everything with it to remove bugs and/or larvae.Remember it is the unseen world of bugs.Also wash living room furniture, anything you sit or sleep on or wear or ride in or walk on. Before getting into bed, you and your partner should take a bath and wash your hair as well---antibacterial soap and Selsun Blue shampoo. Don’t wear anything twice. After wearing your clothes put them in a plastic bag and wash ASAP. Same with towels. If you buy something, always, always soak in vinegar and water overnight. Believe me, every time that I buy something and wear it I am in big trouble. I start itching all over and get reinfected. So treat new clothes first. If you have the enzymes we talk about here for washing clothes etc., wash your new clothes in it. It will dissolve the parasite eggs and worms. They look like little white footballs and some say they look like lint balls. Some also say they are coming from foreign countries. I suppose now, with all the influx of foreigners they could be from here too. Just please be careful.If you are having problems and are in the beginning stages it is best to follow everything here so you can get well. Don’t make your bed as bugs like dark places and wait for you to come back to suck your blood. Unmade beds cause them to die. I sprayed my bed twice a day with the enzyme spray and I whirled my bedspreads in the dryer for half an hour. Soon I will be buying a plastic cover for my mattress and pillows. I know this is sooooo important. So spray your mattress and sheets and anything you can that you sleep on. Spray the floor and walls too. Keep at it and you will succeed!MOST IMPORTANT!!! EVERYONE must be treated in your house at the same time, even your pets. Those who are experiencing feelings of, itching, crawling, and biting on your skin, are infested with parasites, bugs and or worms and should follow these items below: Water oz Extra Strength Liquid IONIC SILVER--- 4X Silver 32oz - Made by WaterOz / $42.17 per 320z bottle
Start out slow by taking 1 teaspoon and work your way up to
2 T. 2 T after a meal in the AM.(This is a natural Antibiotic to kill any bacteria the parasites have left in your body; it serves as an immune system booster. A nutritionist told me “Not to worry, you won’t turn blue or gray!”) I buy mine online at It is hard to find in local health food stores. Kornax is actually cheaper than Water oz company even though it is still the Water oz brand).

Water Oz Extra Strength Liquid IONIC COPPER--- 4X Copper 32oz - Made by WaterOz / $42.17 per 320z bottleStart out slow by using 1/2 teaspoon and work your way up to 2 T2 T after a meal in the PM. (This mineral will kill the parasites in your body as they hatch. Your body will naturally start to purge DEAD parasites. Continue to take the Liquid Ionic Copper until every last one has exited your body. DO NOT TAKE COPPER TABLETS; they can become toxic to the body over an extended period. THIS IS NOT AN OVER NIGHT KILL. It could take 2 years depending on the amount of your infestation. It will be worth the effort. I buy mine from, Customer Care - Kornax Enterprises, L.C.C. The first time you order, it is best to call Pavel---the owner. He knows what Penny orders.P.O. Box 783 Lyons, CO. 80450 Toll Free: 1.877.328.1744 Local: 303.823.5813 Health food stores----

Pomegranate Extract W/ 40% Ellagic Acid—Start taking this immediately!!Solaray (I like it better, gives me more energy) or Puritan THEY ARE HAVING A BIG SALE NOW 2 –4 Caps (spaced out throughout the day) with a meal (start out with one and build up slowly to 4)(You can get this through most local health food stores. It works as a natural pesticide for the body, and kills cancer cells, I am told. I added the Pomegranate Extract to my Copper and Silver mineral regimen many months later when I found out about it, and noticed a even quicker purge. I will use it forever to maintain being parasite-free).

Candex—buy online on products and the drop down will list Candex.Candex will help break down the cellulose residue of this disease. It is an enzyme made in a lab from another kind of fungus. Basically, Candex gets rid of the Candida condition (the food that they feed on). The fungus and its hitchhikers will purge, die and leave. This is the most powerful product available to beat Candida. Information is available on the site. I feel this is why we have this condition in the first place and others do not. We have the food these critters thrive on, INTERNAL YEAST. Many on the board have reported back that this product made an amazing difference in their recovery.Greema said (defining Candex): It is my belief that this disease we have is cellulose based. I had cellulose identified by a lab that used micro spectroscopy. There was no mistake in their identification. The kind of cellulose is not even the most important matter here. Candida also has cellulose cell walls. One of the main problems is cellulose on our bodies that we have no human abilities to get rid of. There is a new product coming from the Mycoxan people that will have about 20 times the cellulase and hemicellulsas as the Candex plus oregano oil and a few other ingredients that will work for Candida also In the meanwhile the Candex has the highest amounts of the cellulose fighters available for now. Cellulose pathogens of any kind form cell walls or plates that are adhered together that need outside help to break up their structure. Cellulase and hemicellulase are made of an enzyme from Aspergillis niger grown in a lab that can penetrate the cellulose and cause it to break down. Whatever this cellulose pathogen is, it can be broken down and it's reproductive cycle halted by cellulase. Unfortunately having cellulose on your body in any form can attract microscopic parasites of all kinds and many of us have secondary infestations of parasites in addition to the cellulose. Read up about cellulase. rid of the cellulose on the inside is a must.
I also like the oregano oil capsules from survivor enterprises , great Antibiotics . They are potent and enteric coated so you don’t have to taste them. I use 4 per day. I am still using Mycoxan and 1 Tbsp. Water Oz Copper as well. My latest find in ridding myself of the wart-like cellulose residue on my skin is to crush an aspirin finely and mix with oil based oninment such as bacitracin, Vaseline, tetrasil etc and cover.Remove debris daily, wash and repeat treatment until gone. Water based ointments will cause irritation so stick with oil based products.Best Wishes for a great new year!!Greema said:

Poke Root---There is a little information on poke root. am using the pokeroot because it is good for the glands. I have had swollen glands several times with this disease so I just decided to go ahead and take it. I mix 5 drops a day in a small glass of water once a day. This is something that you never take extra amounts of; overuse can be toxic. A small bottle will last for months. You can read about its properties and decide if you want to take it depending on what symptoms you are having. It is probably not absolutelyessential but it may be helpful. John said:Cats Claw--- If you've read any of my past posts, you know that I'm a huge fan of Cat's Claw. If crosses the brain barrier and goes after many different types of parasites.

Hulda Clark parasite Cleanse

Liquid Black-Walnut , cloves and Wormwood .This is critical to elimination of parasites and worms that come in four stages. Her products kill the parasites and worms AND the four stages of eggs. I cannot say enough about this program, as it is a very important leg to the whole picture of healing. There are instructions on how to take it and where to order. The cost is about $60 for 18 days of purging and it is painless---it is a breeze to take. Just do a search on the web for instructions or I can send them to you. Search for Hulda Clark parasite cleanse and you will find it. Please contact me if you are going to do this cleanse, as there are some things I will share with you---please e-mail me.

Also from Hulda’s site: I order Oil of Oregano and the empty gel capsules and fill them. I place 4 drops inside each cap plus olive oil. Candida hates this!!! place to buy oregano oil.Take as many pills as you need during the day, after eating is important. Take one to start with and increase over a few weeks and see how you are feeling. If they have gotten into your kidneys and bladder you can take Cran-Actin Plus as I do. It really helps a great deal.

Benonite and Psyllium shakesSince this program kills off parasites and worms, we want to clean out our intestines of dead debris.

Do the B and P shake twice a day. You can look it up online or just buy Benonite (1 T) and Psyllium (1 t) and take this twice daily with a glass of water


Selsun Blue, wash your hair with this to eliminate the itchies.

Use Vaseline or any Antibiotic ointment, or anti-fungal ointment to grease up pores To grease up your pores so that the parasites can exit easily, you will have less lesions, as they exit.

My experience was, if a lesion formed, there was usually a nest of them coming out. The lesion would heal once all the parasites purged out of it. If your eyes hurt and ache behind your eyeball, put Vaseline around your eyes at night, this will help as parasites exit. Those who are experiencing feelings of, itching, crawling, and biting on your skin, are infested and should add these items below to the above main ingredients. This will ease your symptoms as you continue to purge your parasites.

1-2 cups of BORAX Laundry Booster & ½ C. Salt (in bath water) and some Enzyme with peppermint.Added to your very warm bath water, soak for 30-45 minutes to soak the Dead parasites out of your pores, and to ease the itchy crawly feeling. Wash your laundry in this also, to kill them in your clothing and bed linens. Wear clothes only once.


www.safe2use.comEnzyme Cleaner W/peppermint (non toxic) Add some to bath water with Borax diluted with water in a spray bottle as suggested on the bottle, works to clean everything in your home and on the exterior of your body. Works great to clean out ears, nose, any private parts, and to soothe your skin from the crawly feelings. It is non-toxic Wonderful product to have around the home. I use it in every load of wash.Spray, spray and spray your environment. I did this for a month every day. This product was mentioned online search for: “Diary of a skin parasite sufferer”. The diary was informative.

SALT WATER (parasites hate salt, kills on contact)
Use half salt and half water and use as a scrub for your head; this will kill off the eggs and bugs. Also wash your mouth out at night or anytime with it and your brushes and combs. You can also add to bath water. Also, eat salt and lots of it. It is better to do this as we have read on the board.

BOUNCE Fabric Softener Sheets Worked great to kill them in the dryer. I put these under my bed linens, in my dresser drawers, and in my shoes, anywhere to keep down the parasite population. Plus, I found the fragrance to be very nice.

AIR PURIFER with Ionic Setting
Wal-Mart sells an air purifier with an ionic setting for about $40. it works good to get them out of the air as they leave your body.


Use half vinegar and half shampoo and soak your hair for 5 min with a cap on. Then when you feel them come out and crawl around, dump straight vinegar on your head for a few seconds and scrub your head with fingers. Then rinse.

Tea Tree Oil

When you soak in the tub, place 4 drops in the tub and soak. When you are done with your bath and your hair has been washed, put 4 drops of tea tree oil in palms of hand and rub into your hair. Bugs don’t like this but you have to continue it daily---it takes a while (maybe a month).


Use this at night in your ears and nose and along hairline, I even put it on top of my facial night cream. Bugs don’t like this at all.

The more you can make the inside of your body uninhabitable to them the better. They will then forage to the surface of your skin as grains of sand, that is a good sign they are dying or trying to get away from your body. They will exit the body in areas of the least resistance like the soft tissue in your eyes, through urine and feces. Sorry I had to be graphic.


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