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what is a stealth parasite
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Published: 16 years ago
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what is a stealth parasite

i read this last night after having this myself or 6 months
my enthusiasm comes from me knowing that i will die along with many others if i dont take certain products and i have only found these through tons of hours of research. it is critical that others know about this----i love everyone as we are all one with the universe. there will be a segment on t.v. that will cover this disease, i will let you know when it is aired.

this is from

to all of you who are less inclined to do your research, or dont have the intillect to find the truth, without offending you, listen and hear the truth. you can find the answers here on this website in past forums. the protocols for recovery, what this is, what to expect in the future, website resources and more.

i know, i almost died, have reocvered and also have experinced things that an ignorant, person would suggest is all Conspiracy "theory".

you / we, all are infected with biologically modified pathogens. they are genetically altered, combined, for virulence, contagiousness and disease. i have witnessed this first hand. this has been going on since the 40's. good hearted dr's, poitical figures, journalists and more have pursued the truth and many have lost their lives because of their work.

the latest since 2001 /2002 is the old mycoplasmal (persian gulf war bioweapon) ( aids patients disease etc ) combined with tularemia, and is more contagious than the flu. the mycoplasma seems modified too and may change (pleomorphism) from bacteria to fungi to virus, (similar in the way lyme changes states)
read about the great interest in the bioweapons research and tularema over the last few years,.....

in the last year+ i have spent more than 500 hrs researching this and have had my life threatened by those who work for govt. agencies and military.

starting to sound like Conspiracy theory?

for every disease (bioweapon) they create, they also have a drug for treating it, drugs for the symptoms (profits) and a vaccine. ( and advanced technology that in non-chemo that eradicates disease)

if you read enough, you will find the history of this country is far from what you have been told, read, and heard through mainstream sources.

it will get worse, and it will be blamed on terrorism, and it is, but not in the least the type that we are being conditioned to believe.

i provided the protocol treatments already and feel like i should put this up on my website and charge money, for if the answers are already here, and out there, and you are too ignorant to know how to search, charging for the information has the psycholgocal effect that people will then pay attention because it is costing them...

you must realize, these new diseases are drug resistant to almost all Antibiotics prior ro 2001/2002 and there is no coincidence the fda approved the small number of new drugs ( that are the choice for these types of diseases) ( and that the "class" of stealth pathogens create diseases that all have overlapping and identical symptoms depending on the tisses and organs affected.)

thses are "stealth pathogens" they have no cell wall, can evade the immune system, permeate cell walls and use the dna to replicate, solwly and when leaving the host cells, cause auto immune repsonses. aids is given now to any disease where the bodies immune system can no longer fight disease and opportunisitic infections end up killing the host..
hiv is not found in a large percent of aids patients.
the gene envelope of hiv inserted in to mycoplasma fermentans is what kills in the most common aids.

as these "cell wall-less" pathogens ( spirochetes, virus, nano-bacteria, mycoplasma, nano-fungi , prions, demiscles etc ) enter back into the blood stream, they replicate,(grow) feed and infect other tissues and organs progressing disease.

the more you are exposed, the faster all sysmptoms will develop and progress.

do you realize the soldiers were complaining and dying of this new bioweapon, when they landed in iraq around bahgdad, and the pentagon ordered a media blackout?

the disease was the latest, virulent bioweapon,(tularemia gene envelope) and has been brought back to and spreading across the states and the world for over 2 years. it only gets worse.

do your research on telsa technology and medicine, tesla and coverup, tesla and military, nasa and bioweapons, bioweapons, military and bioweapons, drug companies and bioweapons, diseases and bioweapons, diseases and vaccines, fda and coverups, fda and cdc. biologist and murder, scientist and murder / conspiracy. chemtrails, virus engineering, plum island, lyme disease truth,fbi corruption, cia corruption, ig farben, merck and disease, the histories of these and the investors / bankers....bayer, the biotech firms and those who invested... etc etc

why do you think the cia overseas the cdc now? to watch for bio-terror attacks and patterns? then why has there been so much coverup? why has there been threats to those trying to get public attention? why has there been no response to the hundreds and thousands calling officals and the cdc warning of these outbreaks when they are in hotzones? why are the hospitals covering the magnitude of deaths and new diseases up? why do they threaten employees when employees want someting done to stop this? economics? why is the government so interested in a cyber noc (network operations cetner) that monitors and controls all internet traffic? terrorism? please, wake up. why then is the fda trying to make almost all herbs that are natural and have medicinal effect and are helpful in treating diseases, controlled substances and only obtainable through a physcian? to protect you? please! why would the fda try to controll Colloidal Silver ? when pesticides, petrochecmical and many other deadly toxins have lax regulation and control and can be bought otc?
its about money and profit....

no, you are brainwashed. good medical and scientific professionals have been brainwashed, and the intelligent ones who find the truth, are threatened and murdered. even civillians....

the times are changing quickly due to the information sharing and presence of the internet and completion of the human genome project.
the new disease will be of gentic nature,.... you will be brainwashed into believing it is the environament and pollution and consumebales that will be causing cancers and genetic and chromosomal disease and damage, when genetically modified foods are already gene swapping with gut flora and raising great concern in the scientific and environmental communities....

its convenient the president signed into law the ability for federal agencies, without a trial, to use biological agents to "neutralize" hostiles. thanks to the patriot act. the dea has been spraying genetically modified fusarium oxysporum ( pathenogenic genetically altered fungus ) over areas to eradicate narcotics cultivation ( within the us also )while people develop life threatening systemic, drug resistant fungal infections, and now an fbi, dea, atf, hs, cia, nsa etc agent can manipulate and falsify enough evidence to basically use a bioweapon to infect the drug dealer, or rapist, or child molester, or gangster that lives a couple streets over from you, without a trial, or anyone knowing about this, because there is reason to believe with whom he is involved, or because he is hostile, or even flat out lies, becasue they want him gone, and now you have a "super spreader" of infectious disease, right there in your neighbor hood, spreading deadly pneumonia to store clerks and he just so happens to get his hair cut at the same place you do and guess what ?

because we are in war time, and this is under the patriot act, you cannot access this information, or ever know that a biological weapon was used in your community, with the freedom of information act foia.

this is happening people, and much more, i havnt even mentioned the highly unbeleiveable let alone the icredible.

the itching, biting and stinging is the exotoxins, eating / dissolving the tissue and entering the pores and exiting via perspiration. havnt you noticed the change in your skin? the thickening, the wrinkeling, that sub cutaneous wasting, the change in the pronouncement of your nasalfobial lobes, the smell of your sweat, the little "dents" or scars", the new moles and brown splotches, the white cystlike tumors that look sort of like white heads or infections or maybe you have it really bad and have holes in your face.

read about fungus and cancer.

this is transmissable via sweat. it stays on surfaces for weeks, and quite literally is cancer / aids more contagious than a cold,...

the bugs are a by product of the fungus that is disolving your body.

the next few years are gonna be hell for america and the world.

when and if you are infected, you will progress through the disease symptoms of the following diseases that are all caused by chronic stealth infections, either slowly (7 + years ) or quickly ( months ) to the point of death for some.

research the diseases

-scleroderma, all cancers, lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, crohns disease, all prion diseases from lou gherigs to alzheimers. vascualo collagen diseases, cardio vascular diseases, opthalmic diseases, dental and gum diseases...etc...

they all have the same thing in common. they are caused by pathogens.

i almost died.

one month i was perfectly healthy with no history of disease and then i worked around a person who was contagious ( i didnt realize they had this and now i know why it is being covered up) and developed symptoms over 7 months until i almost died, just as the soldiers in iraq died from the "mystery pneumonia" that eventually had heart attacks/explode, vascular collapse, organ failure, stroke... its not depleted uranium poisoning people!, ......

my symptoms progressed as follows, glory be to god who revealed the truth to me. all this has stopped and most is 75 % reversed.

change in complexion
brown spots
skin thickening
white granules and black specks
white chafing / sloughing skin, looks like dandruff, head,face etc
white crystals on the skin
black fibers in areas of skin trauma and changes
white cyst like spores that look like Acne but do not go away
but continue to grow out of the skin, elastic like cellulose
necrotic like boils ( like severe acne)
bad breath
ransid smelling sweat ( yes, described as "funk")
bowel problems
chronic cough
athletes foot
brown toenail
blisters on scalp
darkening and sunken eyes
specks/spots on the iris
itching in the ears
prickling and stinging (anywhere)
itching scalp
painful joints
growths on the ears and lobes
capillary growth in the face, cheeks, nose
red splotches on the chest / neck etc
nasal problems, allergies
bleeding gums
dental problems
floaters in vision
burning stinging eyes
soft eyes
sore throat
bleeding from anus
blistering skin , sloughing( like fire )
heart inflamation
blood hypercoagulation
ringing in the ears
facial twitches , eyes
teeth stain and plaque incredibly
hair follicles scar leaving "tiny bald spots"
skin tags, in the groin, around the neck and armpit areas
thinning hair
unusual greying hair
burning semen

there is more, and you wonder how could this be? if all disease was caused by pathogens, genetics and genetic manipulation could create a pathogen that could casue all disease. period.

i have had no intimate contact in over 5 years, have had this disease for almost 2years and caught this from just working around someone who was constantly sneezing, coughing and clearing their thoat, had rank breath, dark sunken eyes, always picking and scratching themselves uncontrollably and had visual symptoms of sores on the face and arms. i remember being in the same room and when talking face to face, his breath burning in my sinuses and instantly giving me a sore throat. it felt like sand was bouncing off my face ( crawlies )

..... tularemia, fungus, and incredibly pathogenic and drug resistant.

fluconazole 1600mg / day (pref voriconazle / fungistat)
clindamycin 4800mg/day
doxycycline 1000mg/day (pref tygecycline)
bactrim 1600/800mg /day
terbinafine 500mg/day (lamisil)
ciprofloxacin 3000mg/day (pref gatifloxacin)
(for the eyes/opthalmic)
hydrazine sulfate

also: immune system regulating, detoxification, oxygenation, mineralization, water consumption, colon cleansing, blood purifying, kidney and liver cleansing, vitamins and replenishing, raw foods, exercise, sun, probiotics - threelac, cellular / genetic repair( irroidal )....

this alone will take a few years to completely eliminate.

if you feel well, and your immune system is suppressing the disease, it is a choice to continue with therapy. i suggest, if you have caught the latest version of the bio weapons creation, this "mystery disease"
that you stay on a strict protocol for at least 3 years.

may god bless america

may your eyes be opened, the truth revealed and your health be given back to you.

the intuitive

if you are interested in knowing more, post your response.

if you think this is crazy and i am just unfortunate, god help you and open your eyes.


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