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to my friend msully
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Published: 16 years ago
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to my friend msully

Hello dear friend,
First I want to tell you, you need to get any parasites living in your body out as soon as possible, no matter how gross it makes you. I had to beg my sister to start and she now thanks me over and over, she didn't believe she had parasites.

Believe me, I was so full two years ago that if I hadn't figured out what was wrong with me and all those kept laying 5,000 to 200,000 eggs per day, I truly believe I would have only lived 5 years at the most.

Just last month(Jan.) I got out 32 Ascaris ranging from 1" to 8". It amazes me that I am still so full of these terrible things. But when you think about how many eggs ONE can lay each day it takes a while to get them all out. I am working on getting the toxins out of my body now that I am stronger. And I still have my mercury fillings in my teeth.

So, my plead with you is to not wait, no matter how gross it seems and get them out before you are as infested as I have been.
I don't want anyone to go through what I have gone through.

The nose parasites, I had a bloody nose and one came out with all the blood, but I wouldn't have even known it if I hadn't really looked at the blood clots.

Most worms come out dead in curled in a ball, they look like mucus, so unless you are looking and poking to unroll them you won't hardly notice what has come out of you. I didn't look at first but then I thought I didn't have any so I really started looking and trying different herbs. I check now because I want to know which herbs have worked to get out the parasites that I see.

You itchy ears are a big sign. I would start putting some oil of oregano, or tea tree, or some use vicks on a cotton swab each night into each ear. You WON'T have parasites crawling out your ears, they are so tiny you can't even see them when you clean your ears.But these multiply fast. And will take way to long to get rid of if you wait. They can cause terrible ringing in your ears, travel to you sinuses and jaw area creating TMJ problems.

Achy joints, clicking noises, hayfever and tiredness can all be signs also.

As far as being safe to parasite cleanse for a long time, herbs are food, so as long as you don't take more than the bottles say you will be fine.

You asked about the full and new moons, I have read that it is good to start cleansing about 4 days before the full moons and keep cleansing until about 5 days after. Then rest, and start again just before the next full moon. Maybe this is to give your body a rest from the herbs?!?! Some cleanses say to keep taking the pills until the bottle is gone(I have done that also in the past). Both ways are ok, just start cleansing soon.

From what I have read over the past two years, Wormwood is only poisonous if taken alone, most parasite products have other herbs with them.(and I am not dead yet, I have taken it for over two years now)

I don't know of anyone that ever had a stone get wedged when doing a liver cleanse. If you drink the Epsom Salt water it opens up the ducts. I had some come out that were almost an inch, they were soft, a waxy type of stone. The hard ones usaully sink to the bottom of the toilet. I want to hear from you when you do your liver cleanses, it is so cool to see all the stones that come out. These sites have to talk about the worst that can happen. You asked it parasites can get stuck and cause a heart attack or stroke, I have never heard or read about this, but if you don't start killing the live ones these things can happen.
Your organs can fill with parasites and bad things start to happen, including cancer.

You said that you want to achieve optimum health, that is wonderful, everyone here is trying to do that as well, so you have a lot of support here. Start with a colon or parasite cleanse, or do both, a Colon Cleanse helps to get the dead parasites out of the body (don't look in the toilet, close the lid). But you can just do the parasite cleanse alone and they will come out also.

You have a wonderful son that you want to watch grow up and enjoy.
Make that first step to better health, for him. ~HUGS~ heyjude


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