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I'm here :>
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Published: 16 years ago
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I'm here :>

I'm 31 year old female living in the prairies in Canada.

How you figured out you needed to do something about parasites

Since being pregnant the first time, I've had aches under my right side rib cage. My sister's gallbladder was removed around the same time, but they found no stones but an infected gallbladder. I've been tested, and xrayed, and ultrasounded with no luck. But still the ache persisted.

So I figured after doing some research, that I'd try a liver flush. My reasoning being that it couldn't harm me (might cause stones to stick, but even that would be confirmation of a problem), and could help me. I always like these pro-con type of prioritizations - won't harm, could help.

So I did a liver flush. 1st with only chaff, 2nd with stones, 3 with green, amber and red stones an indication of bilirubin build-up. Since I had high blood pressure with my pregnancies, bilirubin and high blood pressure is a good indication of liver disease - so I figure now that I caught a problem in the making. My stones kept flushes for WEEKS after the 3rd, and I'm not flushing stones anymore.

I also flushed some mucoid plaque (with the Liver Flush - no P&B shakes, no herbs, just came with the flush), and what I was sure was a segment of tape worm, and some liver flukes. I figure now that the plaque was up near my liver helping shield the tapeworm, and the stones coming out of my gallbladder must have knocked some of it's nice house down.

So next I decided to try the parasite cleanse - same thought process - can't hurt, could help.

I'm breastfeeding so I don't use Wormwood . I took a nice big dose of cloves and some of the Black-Walnut tincture. The baby kicking me just below my right side rib cage confirmed it for me.

Between the Tapeworm segment, the "mucoid plaque" that some seem to think is cause by psyillium and Bentonite that I wasn't taking, the liver flukes, and the baby kicking me when I'm not pregnant, the "oil" stones that are the wrong colour to be the "oil" (red, orange and amber from greenish oil?), I decided that I must have some problems with parasites.

My treatments are 3 weeks of cloves and Black-Walnut . Then a coq10 dose. Now I'm following up with a week of Oil of Oregano drops once an hour. Then I'm going to do another coq10.

I've also started doing the P&B shakes. Seeing the plaque before ever doing the protocol pretty much confirmed the need to sweep the chimney out.

My acned has cleared up. The boils I would get are gone (family tends to get boils), my Psoriasis is much better and my wart is disappearing. The little "bloat" on my belly is going away. Some skin oddities, like a callus on the side of my finger that my sister also has, are going away.

I've got some back up in the bottom of my intestines now, I can feel it. And after I did the cloves and Black-Walnut , something started acting up behind my left EYE. ARGH. Hence the continuing regime, adding in some eyebright washes. I've thrown away all my eye makeup. Totally horrified to feel something MOVING behind your eye.

I'm giving my infant some maintenance doses of oil of oregano. I'm now going to "do" my 3 year old, who is awesome about taking pills and tinctures. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my husband to do these - I'll figure it out!

My goal is to rid myself of these disease causing things.


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