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PARF and Dr. Doris Rapp "Is This Your Child?" book.
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Published: 21 years ago
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PARF and Dr. Doris Rapp "Is This Your Child?" book.

Don't forget, mommies, what the Sicilian moms know: Bay Leaf Tea for cholic!

Whew! This is rough stuff! But you are diving into some cleansing protocols that could be even rougher without nailing down some basics. If your children have Candida from Antibiotic use, address this first with some Caprylic Acid to slowly start lowering this stressor. Look up CANDIDA and YEAST. Biotin daily will stop the proliferation of yeast. See if CandiGONE is used for kids.

You sound Irish, which could mean low stomach acid, so bad stuff isn't burned out in the stomach, neither are foods digested well. Sneaking in a little papaya powder (meat tenderizer: no salt) for proteins would be a nice, gentle start to encourage assimilation. Consider the fact that these allergies could have been triggered with vaccinations--the egg reaction makes me suspicious. There's info on the net for this. Irish kids and others with low stomach acid will tend to need Cod Liver Oil or some nice fish oils because they won't break these down well from their food. This will mellow out kids and keep their nervous system and brains fed while you are trying to stabilize them.

Get Dr. Doris Rapp's wonderful books, including "Is This Your Child?" Dr. Rapp works with PARF, Practical Allergy Research Foundation. Find them! Rapp likes to whack back allergic reactions with pure Ascorbic Acid, for one thing. This is found in those nice EMERGEN-C drink packets which you could try. She has a test with a puffer that measures lung volume before and after eating suspect foods. Neat, huh? You might be able to beg one of these disposable-type plastic units from a respiratory therapist. Rapp also uses the "Cave Man" diet which is heavily meat oriented to sneak past all the other goofy stuff that sets off allergies. I had to use this after I was deathly ill from "routine surgery." Her information is extensive, and this just scratches the surface. She is a sweet, smart lady so get her stuff.

I would get a copy of Dr. Cass Igram's "Self-Test Nutrition Guide" which is now out-of-print but still available if you dig. This can quickly nail down vitamin deficiencies and system weakness, like liver, or thyroid problems, and other syndromes like adrenal collapse or additive sensitivity. Neat, huh?

I would never feed a kid with allergies any dairy products. Plus cow's milk, so hard to digest in the first place, is now tainted with bovine growth hormone/BGH, even more concentrated in cheese. This is a definite no-no for anybody with congestion. Organic goat's milk should be easy to assimilate and tastes terrible so they won't get a taste for this expensive stuff. Just kidding! See how they do. It will beef up babies and kids who have trouble with assimilation.

I would look for household allergens, with my favorite easily-removed baddie being the defroster pan under the fridge. Get this scummy thing out and clean it up with bleach. Otherwise lay off the household cleaners. Suspect foam carpet padding in congestion.

Is there any environmental source of irritants? Nearby highway full of tire particles? Latex is tough on people because it is now processed with a highly-reactive chemical, so now even doctors use non-latex gloves. And this used to be one of the most inert substances on earth. Be suspect of Stachybotrys, a nasty mold that grows on wood and gypsum wall board. It smells faintly like burnt toast and is likely if there have been any leaks in a wood-frame house. This can also be blasted with bleach but takes much care in its removal to prevent the further spread of spores.


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