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Hi Hopinso...
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Published: 17 years ago
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Hi Hopinso...

Sorry you're in a bad state right now, I hope I can offer something that helps. I've been sick for a long time and through it have had many ups and downs, just last winter things got much worse, I was practically as bad as my lowest point years ago. I really wondered if I was going to come out of this. So...I say all this so you don't feel like it's hopeless because things have slide. They had with me too. You'll bring yourself out of it.

What brought me back to some degree of health was doing Gerson Therapy for 3 months. I don't know if it's something you'd be able to do or not. It is time consuming...but I was desparate and didn't know what to do anymore. Being scared out of my mind was a great motivator.

I did about 8 diluted juices/day and 2 coffee enemas, diet of fruit/veg, some potato or rice.

And I got least out of the bad state I'd dropped to. I also was taking homemade versions of Dr Christopher's lower bowel balance, and sometimes I'd take Dr Schulze's IF1 (If you want to make any homemade mixes, let me know, I'll give you the formulas, they are easy and cheap when you make them yourself).

I still couldn't tolerate the parasite herbs, or even IF2, so I just kept with Gerson Therapy. It helped quite a bit, and maybe just getting to that next level was what I needed for other things to work...I don't know, but after this, I was able to tolerate parasite herbs that I couldn't before, and I started juicing garlic, 10 or more cloves at a time and putting it in potatoes or sprouted grain bread. I had very good success with this a few times...many, many flukes. If you have a juicer and try this, just make sure to have it with enough food and something starchy, otherwise it can give you bad stomach pain (as I found out).

And once I'd started to get rid of some of them, it's been easier to get rid of more. But I had to get myself up to a better state to get anything out.

Now I'm able to rotate herbs and experiment, I couldn't before. I still take lower bowel balance, or mag oxides, and do juices when I can (some days none, some days 2-4). And usually, I have 2 master cleanse type drinks per day (with 1 tsp cayenne) which I think helps too. I do my best to stick to a good diet (but I have my bad days), and I'll still do coffee enemas when I need them (maybe 2x/week, and these do help a lot...but I only do them if I've had at least 3 juices in the day). I think the key has been I needed to stick with it for a while to let it work.

DE is something I've just started, but I was happy to see it work. I don't know if more doses in the day is better or one big dose...I'll have to test it out. The quality is important too, I if it's not working it may be this, or maybe it's just finding the right dose. It takes a bit to figure out. I got my DE from Garden Harvest Supply (5 pounds for $9.00).

The other thing that's helped me feel better, is I added in wild yam tea to help with rebalancing my hormones. If the parasites have impacted on your hormones, this can help a lot...doesn't do anything about the parasites, but it came make you feel a lot better if the hormones are out.

And...I think that's most of it. I rarely do Liver Flushes anymore. They helped me a great deal years ago, but once I'd done 20 or 30, that was it. They don't do anything for me now.

They whole thing has been a slow journey. I didn't just make a few diet changes and take the herbs and it was all better. It's taken a lot of time. I was so envious of people who took something and got results, and I struggled and struggled and was so sick. Oh my goodness...I can't tell you how sick I was! So, don't feel like it's hopeless because it's bad again...bad enough that it's bad! Then we feel worse because it feels like there's no hope. There is, you'll come out of it. Keep trying, no matter what, and you'll get better.

God Bless.....~megan

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