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What on earth is wrong with me - FRUSTRATED!!
mrslady Views: 1,426
Published: 15 years ago

What on earth is wrong with me - FRUSTRATED!!


Last year I had a busy year, I came back from Japan to the UK absolutely exhausted and thought I was suffering from candida overgrowth and adrenal fatigue. Since then I have been on a strict diet consisting of protein and low carb veggies. I've been on lots of supplements. I did the HC bowel cleanse, had two colonics, HC parasite cleanse (apart from COQ10), liver cleanse and am now thinking about the kidney cleanse. I think I have a damaged gut so I'm going to try and do a bit of healing along with the constant killing. & I've been zapping.

I am so sure this is all parasite related although I know candida, leaky gut and adrenal fatigue are also. Without my supplements I can't eat very much at all, I'm full nearly as soon as I start eating.


Cat litter in our house
Nearly constantly bloated
Twitchy muscles
Sudden leg movements in bed at night
Reactive hypoglycemia if I don't eat protein with each meal
Very malnourished even though I'm eating good quality organic foods
My boyfriend has had a wrenching/phlemmy cough for the last year
My boyfriend had helicobactor pylori about 2 years ago (my test is negative)
My boyfriend's sister probably has salmonella but doesn't know it
I have severe iron deficiency
I can't breath very well
Movement in stomach
Tingling in different areas of my body
Mood swings
Had a bite on my bottom following trip to Japan
Have always had movement/twitching in my stomach since aged 11 (now 24)
Pain in my navel
Urgent hunger, although improving
Worse since eating sushi last year
Very sensitive to mouldy foods

WHAT PARASITE/S COULD THIS BE? I feel I have every parasite possible. The other thing is that when I was on the parasite cleanse I had a small lump on my leg, I pushed it and it dissappeared!! Yuk, I think it was trying to get out.

I'm pretty sure I have Ascaris as I've seen it in my stools. After my Liver Flush on Sunday I expelled a couple of white looking worms that were thicker than spaghetti and slightly transparent looking. Is it that I'm just not doing enough to kill these things? Will Tapeworms leave you very malnourished? Can I fix my leaky gut if I have parasites? How long can Tapeworms survive? Am I making things worse by zapping?

My family and friends don't believe anything is wrong with me and that I have leaky gut and just need to start introducing normal foods again. But I can't!! I've lost weight and am getting to the end of my tether. I can't tell them about the parasite idea, they think I'm already a hypocondriac. How do you boost your immune system so that they go away? I assume you have to do an amount of killing?

I get muddled with treating this whole thing. I am deficient in so many things but I am not allowed to supplement with iron even though I obviously need it. I don't want to as iron supps encourage bacteria. i'm getting tested for lyme disease bacteria. So I don't know if a lot of these symptoms are now deficiency related, or is that the same symptom? Do parasites feed off certain nutrients? Or is it that my body is giving off tingling/twitching symptoms because of the supplements I'm taking (wrong ratios?) I tend to think it's parasite but not sure. Maybe both

Is the HC protocoal something that often needs to be followed a lot longer if there is heavy infestation? Also what do these herbs do to your gut lining?


Mrs Lady

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