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Re: lying and full of misconception
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: lying and full of misconception

> I have been reading through your web site, in particular about the Lupus and the "cure" for Lupus. THERE IS NO SUCH THING!! Stop leading on poor people who already have to spend money just to stay alive, and not on your stupid, unproven, hocus pocus nonsence. It's pure and utter rubbish. And about the cause for Lupus, there again your information is lacking in a major way. If this web site does not improve and fix it's startments of false hope, then I will notify the proper people to put a stop to it. Again, there is no such thing as a cure for Lupus, right now it's something that all of us who have it, are dealing with every single day we live.

Hello Mad,
welcome to Cure Zone!

Thank you for the nice words of support! You are cute!

Is there any possibility that you are Mad bacuse you are not willing to face the fact that your own health is your responsibility, and that unles you do something about it, nobody else can do?

Or you are mad because you had a fait in doctors and in science, and they let you down?

Or you are mad because you are scared to try to change your diet and lifestyle, and because in that case, you would have to admit that your beliefe system (present) could be wrong?

Or, you are mad because there are other people who cured their Lupus, and you are stil sick?

You wrote:

>>> "Stop leading on poor people who already have to spend money just to stay alive, and not on your stupid, unproven, hocus pocus nonsence. It's pure and utter rubbish." <<<<<

My dear Mad,
try to be more original. I have already heard that crap about me trying to take yoor money so many times.

Instead, try to read what this site is all about. It is 100% non-commercial!

Try to wake up, and realize that It is not me who is after your money.

I have only one interst. I want to see you healthy!!!!!
Is that a sin?

I cured myself from "Incurable disease", and I have seen hundreds of other people cured of many "Incurable diseases"

I know what it feels to be sick and I know what it feels to winn!

You already admitted that it was incompetent medical establishment who took your mony, who manipulated you, ...

Now, think, is it me you are really angry with, or is it them ...?

And, take some time and read messages posted at Lupus forum.

Things I talk about on this web site, are things you can do at your home, free of charge.

No money is needed. Only good will! Sorry, your excuse not to try it is too bad.

You can go out in the nature, pick up all the herbs you may need!
It is there, waiting for you, free of charge!

And you will not spend any extra money foor foods that I am talking about, because those foods are not more expensive then the foods and medications you are already on!

So, wake up man !!!!!!!!!! Think !!!!

What have I done to you to make you angry ???

How much money have I taken from you ????

All I did is to say: this works!

And, How much money have medical establishment taken from you ???

For what ? For things that doesn't work ????


Comapare !!!!!!?????

And read the next message if you have problem with me ...



Subject: Gerson diet and lupus
From: GRO Webmaster < >
Date: 06:47 Feb 15 2002


I noticed that your "Lupus Diet" page
has a link for Dr. Max Gerson's diet therapy that leads to information about two books.

There is a web site you could link to
that has two pages with specific information about lupus results on Gerson's diet therapy.
This pages is an account of a therapeutic trial in a Munich hospital run by the most famous German surgeon of the time, Ferdinand Sauerbruch. He wrote, "... we took extra precautions in guarding the lupus wing [to ensure that the nurses would stop bringing in forbidden foods]. In comparison, a prison would have been a holiday camp. Soon, Dr. Gerson was proved right. Nearly all our patients recovered; their sores almost disappeared under our very eyes. In this experiment involving 450 patients, only four could not be cured by Dr. Gerson's saltless diet."

Also see

I personally know a man whose SLE got so bad that his doctor told him he was going to die. After reeling from that horrible experience, he searched for another way and found the Gerson program. He did it, cured himself in 18 months, and went on to make health care his career. His name is Gar Hildenbrand, director of the Gerson Research Organization.



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