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Re: lying and full of misconception
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: lying and full of misconception

Dear Mad,

The disease will not be cureable if you believe it cannot be cured. The body's disease is a direct reflection of your dis-ease. You sound very angry. Well, I was also, when I was diagnosed with SLE (I had it so bad, at one stage a couple of years ago that both I and the Dr.s thought I would not live out the year). But, I decided anger was not productive in dealing with the disease. In fact, it was highly counterproductive. So, as hard and as easy as it sounds, I (the only one who can) decided I would no longer be angry with the world, the god(s), fate, injustice, unfairness, what ever and made temporary peace with my condition. I then began to read and study all I could both in the realm of allopathic medicine and alternative medicine. I came to the conclusion that allopathic was treating ONLY the SYMPTOMS of the disease. There is not one root cause treatment that I have been able to find in JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine, or other medical texts. In fact, most of allopathic medicine is directed toward the treatment of symptoms...unfortunatelly.

I found an alternative medicine approach that worked for me. I cannot and would not tell you it would work for you. But for me, I am now off all RX drugs...ALL! I am continuing to improve; noticeable improvement each month. I am again functioning normally and enjoying life again. My blood tests prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what I feel is reflected in clinical lab results. My Rheumatologist has taken extensive notes on what I have been doing and says he has not seen this level of "remission" (that's as close as he will call a "cure") in any patient that was as severe as me in over 20 years of practice. By-the-way, he is the medical director of a large tertiary care hospital in the midwest.

So, even if the above does not convince you that there is at least one other approach to consider beyond taking the Dr.s RX medications that at best manage only the symptoms, then perhaps you should consider another important issue. That issue is our first ammendment rights to free speach. Even if you do not agree with what is being said, you should respect and even fight for our right to say it. Free speach is not just intended to be free when you agree with what is being obvious point often lost in the heat and emotion of one's own strongly held personal opinions.

So, perhaps this site and it's content is not for you. Perhaps, at least not at this point in your life. But, please understand that it is important to others.

Best of luck to you in dealing with your Lupus. I hope what ever methodology you and your Dr.s use works successfully.


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