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Re: hypersalivation, protein foods

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Andreas Moritz Views: 7,394
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: hypersalivation, protein foods

The hypersalivation or involuntary salivation occurs in response to putrefaction of protein foods in your small intestine. Most often the stomach is involved, especially when animal proteins as in fish or meat are combined with carbohydrates. Bile tends to shoot into the stomach and causes nausea. I used to have the hypersalivation just before a fainting spell and a gallstone attack. The bottoms line is, you are poisong yourself with dead, degenrate, putrefied and coagulated(due to heating) cadaver foods. The body can actually develop a severe protein deficiency by eating these foods. Much of the undigestible and undigested animal proteins are deposited in the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls, making them thicker and thicker, thereby preventing nutrients such as the truly beneficial proteins, glucose, minerals, salts, and even oxygen from entering the extra-cellular fluids and therefore, the cells.

Eating animal protein foods do not end up in your cells, they get caught in these membranes and lymphatic ducts. The body cannot bring to life and make use of cadavers that are partially decomposed by bacteria and internal enzymes. The body rejects cadavers like it rejects a foreign organ with a different DNA coding. The best meat can do for you is stimulate your immune system and perhaps growth factors to increase muscle growth. The proteins required for the body don't come from eating protein foods. Cows, elephants, wild horses, giraffs, gorillas, etc. don't eat protein foods either, yet their strong bodies consist of protein. Bean plants, nut trees, or advocado trees don't absorb proteins from the soil to make proteins, yet they make it all the time, just as they take the carbon and hydrogen molecules from the air and turn them into the carbohydrates that you at as fruit or vegetables.

A newborn child triples its size in 16 months without eating anything but mother's milk (all new cells are made of proteins), yet there is inly 1.5% protein in the breast milk. Like these animals and plants, the human body does not rely on eating proteins to make them. All amino acids are composed of mostly nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. We inhale and absorb these molecules into the blood sysnthesize them into amino acids and proteins. Every cell/DNA is a protein factory.

You cannot run out of proteins, unless you congest the body with food proteins or other foods such as trans fats and junk foods. Over 95% of all proteins are recycled anyway. Blood types and metabolic types have little too do with that. Most of our ancestors on the planet were vegan and vegetarian for, two thirds of the world's population still are. When the ice age suddenly set in, some people had to take recourse to eating flesh foods because from one moment to the next the tropical foods were gone. I have not eaten any concentrated protein foods for over 30 years, but when I did as a child I developed one chronic illness after another, just like millions of others in this country. Protein consumption has risen over 6,000% in the past 60-70 years, and this country has moved from the healthiest nation 100 years ago to spot #94. To find out more what protein poisoning can do to you, see my book Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, It also shows you how to rid yoru body of the layers of protein deposits and how to eat in accordance to your body type. In addition, it dispels a lot of other myths that were created to deceive the masses for monetary enrichment.


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