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Where do I go from here?
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Published: 17 years ago

Where do I go from here?

About two months ago, my alternative/integrative doctor asked if I wanted to be hospitalized (not hardly!) if we needed to reconsider anti-depressants, (not a chance) did I want to look for a psychiatrist(didn’t think so). He asked this because the alternatives we'd tried had helped for a while, but I had again returned to my depression. These included dietary changes, no dairy, no sugar; various herbs, supplements, aminos,chi gong and accupuncture. He felt badly that I was suffering such extreme depression.

Oddly enough, that motivated me, and I started doing a lot of things, including my wall squats daily(chi gong) as well as a liverflush. I also found Curezone! And your forum and book.

The depression broke about 4 weeks later. I attribute it to everything I was doing -including taking a break from almost all the supplements, herbs, and aminos I was taking. I'd never considered they might be taxing my liver. I was doing a lot of good things. It was three days after my first liver flush that the depression cleared--it was like I'd stepped into a different world. My doctor is tickled, although he attributes it to the chi gong, and I to the liver flush. Probably both.

Heres the problem. Just preceding the break of the depression and since then I've had a bad case of insomnia. (The doctor offered me Lunestra, and then laughed.) He has confidence I'll figure it out. At first the insomnia was mild,giving up 3 hours of sleep a night, then I panicked because this has happened many times over the last 11 years, and the panic didn't help. I went to sleeping only 2-3 hours a night. With the stress of a family, that little of sleep doesn’t seem to allow me to function well, and honestly, my body hurts. Pain is a great teacher. ouch

I’ve tried to disengage from the fear that the insomnia will throw me BACK into depression. I continued with my second liver flush along with my first colonic (felt great) and Thursday, three weeks later, I did my third flush and another professional colonic.

The flush didn’t deliver any gallstones. I slept for 4 hours (great for me) and stayed in bed till morning. I did a salt water flush first thing in the morning (epson salts would have kept me home) and I headed with great hope, to the colonic--
but the colonic was a DISASTER.

The colonic session: SEVERE cramping, followed by extreme chills and shivering, more cramping; each time the therapist would relieve the cramps, then they would come again. She was very reassuring; said each session was different and that I hadn’t done anything “wrong”, but I still have a tender colon, gas, bloating, and miscellaneous body pains--and I'm not too anxious to do THAT again.

I think I am a vatta/kapha, although I vaguely remember takig the test many years ago and coming out all three. Regardless, right now with your test, I tested Vatta dominant with Kapha just two points different. I haven't read everything yet.

Even with all the body pains. weakness, eye problems, etc. from the insomnia (talk about increasing empathy) I am GRATEFUL that I’m not depressed. I just don’t want to weaken myself so much that my body resorts to the depression to recuperate from lack of sleep.

I feel impressed my colon(digestive system) is a major issue, but the sleep thing is very troubling.

The good news! After the first and second flush I had severe kidney pain, started the kidney tea, no kidney pain after this flush. That's good.

1) Keep flushing?
2) What happened at the colonic?
3) What about the insomnia?
4) Where do I go from here?

Thanks so much for what you do.


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