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talk it over with who's sharing it
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Published: 19 years ago

talk it over with who's sharing it

If there is one book on spirituality and communication that I reccommend fully, it is Animal Voices by Dawn Brunke.

The book is subtitles, telepathic communication in the web of life. If you are intrigued by channelling, this book will astound you. You don't even need to know telepathy is real or even believe it speculatively in order to derive benefit from what the animals are supposed to have said.

Some of the animals around us are spiritually advanced beings with immense diversity of opinion and ability to articulate profound concepts to those who will listen. Now, not all animals are super advanced beings with a surplus of knowledge, nor is humanity the only race capable of intelligence.

Really, I know most of you have probably begun to notice that most of our cohorts here in society don't think much beyond "I want to f**k that ho and get a mindless job and buy some stuff that kills the environment because I don't care about you or that ho saying no." Really, it's only a minority of humanity that apparently has the barest capacity for intellectual and artistic behaviour like Science and spirituality. Why not have one percent of animals know what's going on in our life better than 90 percent of humanity? It's only a minority of us who fits the definition of humanity that we are technologically sophisticated thinkers. Most people or dogmatically naive followers.

I think neither human nor animal need be kept unintelligent, especially as in the human case, when that ignorance equates to our environmental suffering and unhappiness. It is imperative that we raise our awareness, thru channels, thru smart animals, thru smart humans. Not everyone wants a life that is spiritually devoted, but I don't care what some ignoramus wants when they feel they have a right to capitalistically rape my planet and kill my children.

I assert the right to force spiritual ascension for the survival of my world and Goddess heritage. I will take a lesson from those Sumerians with blunt weapons, and brandish my emotional sabre of subtle light-love.

Please read that book, it WILL interest you.
For example, did you know that there exists in our galaxy a feline homeworld where there is a race of humanoid cats whose greatest cultural achievement is singing beautifully? They are most artistic then us, says house cats to their communicators, but that doesn't mean better. We can grow, the animals say. That book is so uplifting.

Then read Songs of the Arcturians by Patricia Pereira. She is a channel for a few members of the Intergalactic Brotherhood of Light. This is also uplifting and informative concerning 'spiritual science' as opposed to "linear-logical" current methods some of humanity uses.


ps, do people find I write too much? I always have, and think I always will, but I'll try to keep things shorter if someone is so angry they aren't even willing to read thru it all. I've been to forums where nobody extends their ideas. I like being thorough, myself.

pps, what is a good book written by a channel, that someone knows? I'm particularly interested in Alien writings that have been channeled.

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