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2 unusual dreams last night
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Published: 16 years ago

2 unusual dreams last night

Hi Everyone... I had 2 dreams last night that I thought were a little strange...I'm hoping someone can make a little sense out of it.

#1 my daughter & I were driving down a gravel road. She was driving. We came to a point where we thought the road ran out & we were in a large field but upon second look we could see that the road curved so we got back on. We went down the road a little way then my daughter pulled over to get something from her trunk. We pulled over at a small green house covered in thorns. I didn't like the way it looked & was a little uncomfortable about it. The small, unattached garage started to grow taller, covered in thorns like the house. It grew the height of maybe a 3 story building then quit so I turned my attention to what my daughter was doing. She was unloading everything from her trunk to get to whatever it was she was looking for... she was removing camping equipment. She stopped long enough to look in the window of the house. She said there was an otter in a cage & it looked like it was going to die if it wasn't let out to get to some water. She said some demented person must live here. I looked in the window but I saw a large white cat that I realized had a huge cut down it's back & was infected. I looked round for a box or something to put the cat in to take it for help but all I found was a paper bag which had another cat in it... as I looked around I saw 2 boxes each full of kittens & they all looked like they were starving & in bad health. I finally told my daughter we cant take any of them because they may make us sick but we'll send someone back for them. In the dream 3 of the cats were white & the kittens were different colors.

#2 I was driving my husbands truck. He was the passenger. He was sleeping. It was raining & dark. I wasn't going fast but it got really really dark & I realized I was actually wrecking. I could feel the truck slide & hit something. When we stopped I got out to see if anyone else was involved. No one else was there so I was about to get back in & see if I could move the truck. But it was actually in the entrance of a shopping center & it was stalled not wrecked. (the shopping center was actually one right down the road from where I grew up) the next thing was there was an ambulance but the drivers were the ones in the stretchers being loaded into the ambulance by other people & everyone was waiting for the new ambulance drivers to come drive away the ambulance.

Ok... any of it make any kind of sense?

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