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Re: Help with ADHD Children
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Help with ADHD Children

"lite" drinks alot of times contain artificial sweeteners...they are AWFUL for you! I am a teacher, and I can seen major links between what parents are feeding their children and how they behave. Children should be given water to drink...water is good for them and it sets them up for good habbits later in drinking alot of water they will have better skin as teens and adults as well as being healthier inside. I see what the bagged lunch consists of these days...processed foods (lunchables), chips, "fruit" snacks (sugar), cookies, etc. The best gift you can give your child is a healthy diet...not only does it make them healthier now, but it teaches them how to live healthy as adults. Give them fruit, vegetable, water, etc.

The other trend that I see is the change in dinner. Alot of parents do carry out for dinner every night of the week...and the dinners that are considered "home cooked" are quick easy meals like come in a box or are frozen...Hamburger helper, Supper Bakes, Homestyle bakes, hotdogs, frozen fries, etc. you know what I am talking about. I understand that parents are overworked, and short on time; but the quality of life will be improved by going back to the basics and more natural approaches. Just think of how much less stressed you will be when your children behave better.

I also see a general overall lack of discipline, respect, etc. in children of all ages today, ADD/ADHD or not. I don't know when parents stopped being parents; but 50 years ago children did NOT act like this. All the TV they see teaches them that acting out is cool. Many parents use TV as a babysitter. You should limit your childrens tv watching to a MINIMUM...and what this means is that watching TV is a reward; give them a choice of 3 eductional programs; and only let them watch one hour of TV a day as a reward that they have to earn. Encourage them to read; take trips to the bookstore/library as a fun activity. Turn the TV off, and certainly no video games. Send them outside to play everyday, and get them involved in sports outside of school. THis will build self-esteem, fitness, imagination, and will give them many other helpful life skills. children NEEd discipline, and structure...they actually crave it (despite what they may say). They need you to be consistant 100% of the time, even when it is easier to give in. Make sure that both parents are on the same page and work together as a unit. WHat mom and dad says are final; no argument, no discussion. Shower them with love and affection; but also be ready to come down strong when they get out of line. Look at animals...even a cat will discipline her kittens. Kids must be very clear as to who is in charge. Make the rules very clear, and the consequences clear as well. If the rules are that they sit and eat dinner with the family; then you must MAKE them sit and eat dinner with the family. You say that your kids are up and down from the table...what are the consequences when they get up? Too many children are given too many material things and do not learn to appreciate any of them. THere should not be TV's in bedrooms. Kids need to know that the only things they are entitled to are food (not junk), clothing (and not to the excess), and shelter...everything else are added bonuses and must be worked for. Give your kids chores and responsibilities around the will actually make them feel a more apart of the family, they will learn to take pride in their work.

Most of all it is frustrating to see that alot of parents use ADD as a cop out for their kids..."they have a condition that makes them not able to behave"...DO NOT LOWER YOUR STANDARDS...that is a huge dis-service to your kids!!! I have parents tell me all the time "little Johny has Add so it is hard for him to listen..." I find that by expecting the same thing from all of my students; little Johnie can learn to listen. I have several children that behave WONDERFUL in class; and then I see them as soon as their parents come and they are totally different kids! It puzzles the parents.

Good luck to you; hang in there...please do not medicate your children! Parents know that it is wrong to give children alcohal to make them sleep; so why can't they see that giving them pills is not OK to make them behave? Ritalin, COncerta, may as well be giving them cocaine/speed. Did you know that those same medications are actually given to cocaine addicts to help them stop using? You are on the right track looking for natural ways...keep it up! :)

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