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Neck Pain, Upper back pain Unable to pass urine and extremly depressed
Janey444 Views: 3,010
Published: 16 years ago

Neck Pain, Upper back pain Unable to pass urine and extremly depressed

I'm just about at my witts end I have ongoing nek and back pain for over 4 months that has been worsening over time. As it such a long story I will keep it short.

Hisory of illness: Migraines and unexplained blackouts where I lose conciousness momentary and fall to to ground.

Onset of Neck pain: Woke up one morning with worst ever migraine and stiff neck. Threw up, I sneezed which relieved the migaine instantly but neck pain remained.

2 weeks later: Still suffering a constant pain in left side of neck radiating across shoulder. Also experiencing sharp shooting pains with limited movement of neck. Physio recommended - movement improved pain still present.

Solphadol - Worked but became ineffective after a few weeks use
Ibuprofen - No effect
Diclofenac - Caused stomach upset

I had also experienced some pain in my upper back (thoracic area)and occasionally 'locked up when bending forward. I started to experience numbness and pins and needles in my lower arms this alerted my physio to the posibility of a slipped disc.

Prescried: Tramadol - This gave me reasonable pain relief for limited time

By this point I was in so much pain he was barely able to touch me all of my muscles were in spasm and i was also experiencing a tense burning aoung all of the muscles in my upper boddy.

Prescribed: Diazepam - To relax muscles not as pain relief

All stll bareable until I suddenly find myself unable to urinate this results in a urgent rush to hospital for a MRI scan through fear of a slipped disc pressing on my spine. Afer a few hours wait I was finally catheterised (They must have done this wrong) as I was in agony and coouly sit or lie in a comfortable way. I was hunched in an akward position for several hours making my back pain almost unaerable.

Several different opinions conflicted one another and the urgency of the scan was lessened and lessen until I was discarged having not had a scan and still unable to pee.

Next day I took myself to A&E (this time at a different hospital) we went through the same proceedure again with conflicting opinions of the nurologist, urologist and orthopaedic specialist. The hospital refused to give me any other pain relief that paracetamol, ibuprofen, and cocodamol whilst I was stating there despite the fact that I had expressed that these were not working. I had worked myself up into such a stressful state a had a screaming match and stated throwing things across the cubicle. Finally I was dischared from hosp after being shown how to self catheterise to relieve myself when I need to wee. The hospital had taken off of ALL pain meds except 5m of diazepam 4 times a day.(What a nightmare)I was also recommended to see a phsio a couple of times a week as the nurologist suspects it is jut muscle pain!

I have been booked for a cystoscopy tomorrow and We had also booked an MRI scan privately but have been chasing around try to get athorisation from one of the specialist who thought a scan was certainly needed. Hopefully I will have the scan tomorrow but still waiting on an answer.

I saw my physio today who was quite disgusted I was on no medication for the pain. He is still reluctant to touch me with the ammount of pain I am experiencing and is looking into what treatment may be helpful whilst we wait on test results. My physio also did some research into the possibilities of the meds causing the urine retention problem but it seems unlikely.

I have found myself having raging outbursts and burst into tears over everything and anything. I went through a stage of Depression some time ago infact things haven't been right since the blackouts started but at least I can admit it this time. I'm now depressed moreso than ever and really can't handle things anymore. I have now been prescribed temgesic 200mg this still isn't helping a great deal with the pain.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Have any suggestions or ideas? What with this and the blackouts and everything else I feel like I am being branded a hypercondriac and am now reluctant to visit my doctor unless I have to. I'v tried counselling but find it very hard to show how I feel face to face with a person.

Help me please.

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