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Tell you what
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Published: 17 years ago
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Tell you what

Go to Andreas Moritz 's forum, "Ask Andreas" and put your questions to him, or either get his book, "The Amazing Liver Cleanse", which explains this topic in GREAT DETAIL.

It is very obvious that no one's answers are going to satisfy you.

You don't want to understand because you are skeptical. Fair enough.

However, the issue is that stones CLOG THE BILE DUCTS.

You keep insisting that the liver would completely shut down if there were that many stones clogging the bile ducts.

Obviously, you are wrong. The autopsied liver and gallbladder on the LIVER Flush FAQ S forum show tan stones in the bile ducts.

All of us who have passed stones during Liver Flushes have passed stones that look exactly like that picture.

My eyes don't lie.

It is quite obvious to me, in any event, that you want to remain in a skeptical state. That's fine, but please don't waste our time trying to engage us in a debate that we will never win, because our answers don't satisfy you.

1. It is very obvious that sick people become well when flushing their liver.
2. It is very obvious is photos on this forum that stones clog bile ducts.
3. It is very obvious that people become very will with various ailments when their livers are bogged down with stones, bile, etc...
4. It is very obvious that people become better when they flush all this gunk out of their liver and gallbladder
5. It is very obvious that people who are informed on such matters...people like Julia Chang and Andreas Moritz , have written extensively on this topic
6. It is obvious that no one's replies are going to satisfy you, therefore, I strongly encourage you to pose your questions to the resident expert, Andreas Moritz , or get his book.

Or, you may call Julia Chang on the phone and speak with her. Her phone number is listed on her site:

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