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Re: Do women really enjoy sex that much?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Do women really enjoy sex that much?

The Comedienne Rosanne Barr says, "If men were any good at sex, they wouldn't have to pay for it!" It is a line that gets a lot of laughs, but it really isn't funny.

For as long as I can remember, I have been hoping to someday meet a man who gives a great massage, knows how to penetrate without using his hands, moves elegantly from one position to another while remaining intimately united, uses sophisticated sensual conversation, gives respectful reasonable loving requests while making love, such as "open your eyes and look at me, I want to make love to your soul, not just your body," someone with the self discipline to pull out and wait for another opportunity if the request goes unfulfilled, someone who sychronizes his breath with mine, looks me in the eye and wants to have sex with me on a consistent, frequent, repeated and regular basis with the mutual intention of spending enough time together to develop an intuition for one another's bodies, in order to experience mutual simultaneous full body orgasm and become one soul resonating in two bodies.

It is not possible to have an experience of completion on all levels unless you are willing to do the work of purification on all levels.

Sacred Sexual Mastery is the most highly elusive form of meditation. Like all other meditative techniques, it is necessary to invest a certain amount of time, energy and attention, in order to achieve the unlimited experience that is so cherished and sought after. Confusing a novelty orgasmic high for the true thing is much more common, until the novelty wears off. Real love has an infinite quality. It has come to my attention that the world needs more lovers who are dwelling in the infinite places. The Goddess has instructed me to teach an elegant and sophisticated form of sexual intercourse called The Intimate Dance. You can learn more about The Intimate Dance at

Many women complain because sex is painful. Many men are perplexed because their wives don't like sex because they say it hurts. My professional opinion is that 99% of the time, when penetration is painful, it is because men do not use superior penetration technique. They hammer into women like they are hammering in a nail rather than using the erection like a sophisticated massage tool and spiraling in slowly, gently coaxing the lips to open, encouraging them to blossom and become inviting.

Even women who are going through menopause and experiencing dryness, can become lubricated enough to be penetrated painlessly, if a man will take the time to massage the entrance of her vagina, lingeringly, and use his lube to lube her.

There is a concave moonshaped area right beneath the pubic bone, where the vaginal opening is centered. That concave moonshape area will fit atop a man's penis like a monks cap. It is sort of like a natural ball and socket. If a man can find that place, position the gland there, and use the "cap" to hold the gland in place while massaging that area in a spiraling motion, until the area is juicy and the woman is wanting penetration (rather than bracing herself for pain) the experience of penetration will be pleasurable, rather than painful.

A sensual virtuoso is someone who can find that spot without using his hands.

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