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Re: Uninterested? - to sphillips
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Uninterested? - to sphillips

sphillips, You seem like you've bought the inequality of the sexes that the church teaches - hook line and sinker.

God made us as the man's help meet, not vice-versa. You actually believe this? God made us all TOGETHER. He didn't design a man and then a woman to support him. The different sexes were built IN CONGRUITY with eachother, so that we would work TOGETHER as different parts of the whole. Male and female have parts that are alike, and parts that are different. But to say that the woman is designed as a man's help meet and not visa versa is just not true... although that is indeed what the dogma of the church teaches - a church that only ordains men, i might add. (so, coming from an institution which does not support women's right to LEAD I guess this distorted attitude makes sense).

I need love and security. He needs sex from me. You need sex and love and security from your husband, and your husband needs sex, love, and security from you. The order may be not be the same for each of you - perhaps you've subjegated your sex drive under these other 'love and security' blankets, based on your beliefs.  And perhaps your husband might not show his need for security, but don't doubt for a second that you're both looking for the same thing - intimacy.   

It seems with more women getting more equality, men get less and less respect.   What are you talking about?  Power for one sex doesn't detract from the other.   Your very statement contradicts itself.    In the same vein would you say that equality for black americans detracts from the respect from white americans?    I think what is really happening is that as women become more financially equal, the differences between the historical ideas of what is  'woman' vs 'man' become blurred - some rights that were just for men now are better distributed.  but this is not a bad thing.   This is a sign of progress, and doesn't detract from the respect due any human, man or woman.  

Remember, marriage is a team effort and not him dictating to you what he will/won't/refuses to do and the same goes to you. How in the world does this true statement that you've said go with the other completely untrue statements. 

You've probably learned all these screwed up and untrue ideas from the church... and from your home... but don't fool yourself into thinking that the church KNOWS what was in gods mind when he designed men, women, animals, plants, etc.     When you repeat things like "woman was born to be mans helpmate and not the other way around" you're repeating ideas that MAN devised, not GOD.  There is a deeper more true reality than the ideas you've written.  


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