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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: help...

Semen in the urine - Semen and urine will never get mixed up while letting out, even though the outlet is same for both. The architecture of the neck of the bladder is designed in such a manner that contracture of the neck of the bladder restricts the entry of sperm and leakage of urine. But in the case of infection/diseases of urethra and prostate and in diabetic complications, semen can get mixed with urine with incontinence or may get propelled into the bladder. When the semen gets ejaculated into the bladder, the urine is found to be cloudy while being passed. But in the case of semen getting mixed with urine just at the time of urination, due to strain and incontinence, then drooling of semen will be seen while ending up the urine. Prostatorrhea is often confused with spermatorrhoea. But it can be easily differentiated with microscopic examination of the discharge, i.e. prostatorrhoea has no sperms at all, compared to spermatorrhoea. Any way, losing more seminal fluid/prostatic fluid will devitalise our body.

Incidences of spermatorrhoea –Higher incidence of spermatorrhoea is frequently noted in the age group of 18-30 years. It is most commonly seen in unmarried, sexually perverted persons (dreamers), and in sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Also higher incidence of spermatorrhoea and impotency are often noted in men who stay away from their wife with suppressed sexual desires. Anyhow, most men would have experienced wet dream/night emissions at one time or the other, irrespective of good physique or power of mind.

Causes – are mainly

Polluted mind

Perverted sexual behaviours and dreams

Excessive self-gratification/overindulgence in sex

Urinary tract infection spreading to prostate/seminal vesicles

Chronic constipation

Diabetic complications

Symptoms – The core symptoms of night emissions/involuntary loss of semen in urine are exhaustion and weakness. The common presenting features are:

Drooling of urine at the end of urination

Cloudy urine

Incontinence or drooling of semen even at slightest stimulation (watching erotic scenes, reading novels, talking to girls, etc.)

Burning sensation during/after urination

Ejaculation seems to have less volume and very thin (low viscose) semen

Impotency and early ejaculation

Dull and depressed with irritable mood/psychosis

Loss of memory and inability to concentrate

Headache and drowsiness

Sleeplessness with lascivious/vivid dreams

Sunken, dull and burning eyes

Hollow cheeks with disfiguring pale face

Cramps/pain in back and legs

Tremors with nervousness

Pain in spermatic cord (in groin) - Spermoneuralgia

Offensive sweat

Diagnosis & investigations - The need of scientific tests are:

Semen analysis and culture to check the presence of sperms as well as infection

Ultra sound scan to rule out prostate problems

Routine blood tests including electrolytes to rule out any metabolic disorders

Hormone tests for

Testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone - to analyse testicular functions

PSA - to rule out benign prostate hypertrophy (enlargement) BPH

Complications –

Weight loss

Nervous weakness

Growth and learning process will be affected when there is sexual excess or excessive seminal loss in the teens

Chronic inflammation of seminal vesicles and prostate

Testicular failure/atrophy


Stress & Strain

Stimulants like alcohol, drugs, tobacco chewing, smoking, coffee and tea

Meat, chicken, fish and fatty diets

Drug cocktails

Overindulgence in sex

Take care of

Constipation with water, vegetables and fruits

Health by taking oats, dry fruits such as dates, nuts, etc.

General treatment – Since most of the times there won’t be any abnormality in functions or investigations, general physicians encourage patients psychologically that nocturnal emissions are a normal occasional event / a physiologically overwhelming process. Also, just for patient’s satisfaction, they simply prescribe multivitamins, zinc, selenium supplements, etc., with the advice to avoid lascivious thoughts/self-gratification/overindulgence in sex. The change of attitude/lifestyle (i.e. stopping the self-gratification and overindulgence in sex all of a sudden) often brings more nocturnal emission for the time being as a continuation of habit/secretions. Doctors, if they find any good reason, they would go for controlling or eliminating it (infection or other irritants), or otherwise, they have to simply go with strengthening of vitality with supplements, etc.

Homeopathic approach – Active participation in sex/erotic thoughts will stimulate the pituitary to provoke the testis for producing more number of sperms and more secretions in seminal vesicles. When this continuous habit or process is interrupted with temporary sexual abstinence or stoppage of self-gratification, there might be an involuntary ejaculation which should be considered as normal. In due course, if abstinence continues, it will slow down by itself. But if it is felt more or persists continuously or happens to flow in urine with incontinence, Homeopathy can surely help to revive normalcy by correcting continence, energising the nerves and muscles of the organs, making the semen high viscous (thick), etc.

Draining of semen usually disappoints people with minimal semen ejaculation, low viscous (thin watery) semen, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation without satisfaction in sex, nervousness, impotency, etc. But by maintaining good habits and taking Homeopathy treatment, normalcy can be resumed at the earliest without any complications.

Even though spermatorrhoea is considered a non-pathological condition, it affects body and mind, in so exhaustive and annoying a way that everyone will be compelled to go for treatment. Patients, without having any patience to see fruitful results, go on changing doctors and take too many worthless drug cocktails and worsen the condition with complications. With this attitude, many often get trapped in the hands of quacks where they also lose self-esteem, confidence in sexual life and marriage and lead a dejected life.

Homeopathy is a wonder of scientific application and not a magical prescription. Homeopathy treats the person’s mind and physique (characteristic of a person as well as the disease) to provide dramatic relief. But one should keep in mind that it will take some time to regain stamina and potency, revoke semen loss, revive semen normalcy in volume and viscosity, etc. Homeopathy can quarantine the progress of the disease and can cure the situation in due course without any recurrences.

Homeopathic medicines commonly used in cases of spermatorrhoea/seminal losses are Acid acetic, Acid phos, Acid picric, Agnus castus, Avena sativa, Caladium, Calc Carb, Calc phos, Cantharis, Causticum, Chinchona, Conium, Damiana, Gelsemium, Ginseng, Kali brom, Lycopodium, Nat mur, Nuphar, Nux vom, Osmium sanc, Selenium, Sepia, Stannum met, Staphysagria, Titanium, Yohimbinum, Zinc met, etc. These medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homoeopath.

Best of all is good food, good thought, good habit and good sleep


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