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?s to EVERYONE and especially wise people who can give advice to a young person
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Published: 16 years ago

?s to EVERYONE and especially wise people who can give advice to a young person

i really need advice from everyone on this because im only 21 and havent had to deal with this much until now. in order for me to get well from this horrible %§#&!ß-of an illness i have had my whole life, i have got to have the money to buy supps and good quality food until my body heals well enough to support myself. of course i will have to take care of myself nutritionally all my life but this is all i want and need so that i can be well and support myself. unfortunately, i have never been able to be a good worker because of this. i barely made it through school and slept just about everyday in school and it was horrible. i just thought it was part of my personality but i now know its different. even you guys who have at one time been healthy so you know what its like to be healthy and then be sick. maybe some of you can work well but i dont see it. if you suffer from moderate to severe depression, anxiety, mental fog and clarity problems, insomnia, and severe fatigue then i dont see it happening. these symptoms i have had my whole life.

my mother is losing her patience and everyone thinks im lazy in my family i believe. that is far from the truth because i have always had goals and ambition but have never been able to accomplish those goals because of this. i really try and respect everyone but its like no matter how much info i show them they never believe me. it always comes back to that lazy issue which just isnt true. right now i would love to be working, getting my college educatoin, and socializing like every normal functioning human being but i cant do any of that because of this. hell i cant even sleep at night.

im scared to death because if i am kicked out then i am homeless and i know the only way to get well is basically by the same thing James G is doing and most of you guys on here. if im homeless then i might as well shoot myself because theres no hope of getting the help i need. there is no healthcare system for nutrition and supps and there is no way in hell i will take drugs from docs after all the truth i have learned about drugs, the hell i have went through from side effects from antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs, and the truth i know about getting really healthy from adrenal fatigue through nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

what i really need is disability for like 2-3 years. i would never want to stay on it but to only use it to get healthy enough to support myself and then not use it anymore. but i dont know how to get it and from what i hear it is impossible to get basically. i have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so that might would help me get it but i dunno for sure.

i dont know what the f**k to do because i was born with this and didnt have a choice. i havent been able to work enough hours, quarters, or whatever it is they base it on in order to get the help i need. all this is because i have had the health to begin with to work. i want to live so bad, be healthy, and live a fulfilled life, but i just dont know if that was in the cards for me. f**king money is holding me back from living a life and i dont know what to do.

dad is an alcoholic, mom is addicted to pills and can't see the truth, and everyone else just doesnt believe me. so it seems my family isnt going to give me the help i need. i love them all and try to respect them all but i just dont see the positive side of getting support from them. if they were to support me they would suspect a cure in a month or two and we all know that is not the case at all here.

man, i could really use some advice or something on what to do with my situation. im scared all to hell. it seems if you were born to the poor and have bad genetics involving healthy, then you are screwed no matter how good of a person you are.


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