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Re: they sure will get whats coming to them....

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oh lord Views: 1,874
Published: 17 years ago
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Re: they sure will get whats coming to them....

Greetings foley! I've had bo since about the age of 24 and I'm now 29. I don't know what happened to me at this age and why then and not earlier. I think it may have something to do with hormones or stress. I will say that I relocated to the Atlanta area at 23 and it was the first time being out on my own. I dealt with alot of stress at this time and the hot heat didn't help. I ruined my diet and physical fitness by eating alot of junk food like burgers, fries and dairy queen oreo cookie shakes! Oh boy!! I ate shakes almost every weekend and it started showing bad. Did I mention that I'm very lactose intolerant. The smell from my nose and body was awful. It smelled of rotten eggs and the mucous was thick thick thick! You can only imagine how my breath smelled. I literally consumed no vegetables during my 3 years in Atlanta and bowel movements came every 3 days. So I was a toxic mucuous producing machine. I never did cleanses and didn't drink much water. Just alot of soft drinks and kool-aid. It wasn't until I relocated back to my hometown that the odor became so offensive. Oh yeah! My allergies weren't any better between changing climates so I was stuffed up most of the time. When I was a child, I never liked blowing my nose so I would sniff it back up or swallow. Gross! So now I had 29 years of garbage in my sinus area that has probably leeked thru my lungs and blood.

The past four years have been tough but I have pinpointed the foods that make me offensive and they are dairy and fried foods. I don't smell as bad now because I've done some serious spring cleaning. I bought two different cleanses manufactured by the same herbal company. They were called body cleanse and candigone. They give specific directions on how to administer and you can find them in Whole Foods. They even give a pamphlet of foods that are acceptable during the fast which takes about 2 weeks for each. During this cleanse, I did some pretty heavy wasting and it wasn't pretty but it really cleans the insides out. I noticed a difference immediately and now pass at least once a day as opposed to once every three days. I don't really smell bad if I watch my diet but that is the problem. I love to eat foods that aren't good for me. Food is comfort for me at certain times especially since these horrible odor experiences and rejection have occurred.

I had alot of junk on the inside and I've probably gotten rid of 80% but it has taken at least a year. I work out everyday a least an hour to rid my body of toxins then immediately soak in plain hot water for 20 minutes. Sometimes I add a little bleach but not much because it makes me itch. I don't use soap that much because it gives me an allergic reaction. I try to stick with body washes because they get the dirt completely off. I always rinse off in lukewarm or cold water to cool my body off from excessive perspiration in the bath and afterwards I feel refreshed. It's only when I sweat that I get nervous because what's on the inside will come out. I'm almost detoxofied but not quite because I'm not consistent with my diet but one day I will finally get it. When I don't work out I take a 7 minute shower because I'm not that dirty or smelly. I read somewhere that most people over do it when they wash everyday. Unless we're working out or hard laboring, there is no need to scrub hard on the entire body but mostly in the areas of our neck, underarms, buttocks, genital areas and feet. A doctor once told me to soack in plain hot water if I wanted to get really clean. Good ole water does it everytime! Ole' faithful! Recently I tried this with no body wash and I had no odor what so ever. All I did was take a bath cloth and wiped my entire body and unmentionables. You will not believe that I had no smell to my skin whatsover until the next day when I decided to use a little bodywash. Less is more. I forget this sometimes and over compensate. Try that Foley only after you cleanse if you haven't already and see how it works for you. Also try different soaps and body washes and test which one works best for you. It may be the kind of soap you're using and your skin may not accept it. I know for me I was using Dove sensitive skin soap for 7 years and it turned on me. I think we should change up every now and then.

It's so many things to figure out when trying to get to the root of this problem and you have to have patience because it can mentally wear you out. But I'm constantly on the internet and in Whole Foods looking for the next fix-all.

I do have skin and nasal allergies such as exzema and asthma so I'm sure this has something to do with it along with the dairy.

Try some of these thins Foley and let me know if any show improvements in your odor. Have you been to an allergist to get tested for food and skin allergies. If not it may be beneficial to do so. At least then you'll know what your enemies are and narrow it down from there. It's so complex foley but it's worth a shot to try new things even when you think like me that there's nothing else to try.

Sorry this post is so long but I'm a writer and very long-winded on paper. I could have summed this up in two sentences if I spoke it. I don't like to say a whole lot but I damn sure love to write alot.

Until then.......

oh lord

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