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The 'In Between' Life - The Holographic Universe
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Published: 20 years ago

The 'In Between' Life - The Holographic Universe

Hi All! I thought that this excerpt from The Holographic Universe should go here. I know you all would LOVE this book! You have to get it!

The Shadowy Stuff of the Soul (excerpt from this chapter, below)

But Whitton's most remarkable discovery came when he regressed subjects to the interim between lives, a dazzling, light-filled realm in which there was "no such thing as time or space as we know it." According to his subjects, part of the purpose of this realm was to allow them 'to plan their next life, to literally sketch out the important events and circumstances that would befall them in the future.' But this proecess was not simply some fairy-tale exercise in wish fulfillment. Whitton foudn that when individuals were in the between-life realm, they entered an unusual state of consciousness inwhich they were acutely self-aware and had a heightened moral and ethical sense. In addition, they no longer possessed the ability to rationalize away any of their faults and misdeeds, and saw themselves with total honesty. To distinguish it from our normal everyday consciousness, Whitton calls this intensely conscientious state of mind "metaconsciousness."

Thus, when subjects planned their next life, they did so with a sense of moral obligation. They would choose to be reborn with people whom they had wronged in a previous life so they would have the opportunity to make amends for their actions. They planned pleasant encounters with 'soul mates', individuals with whom they had built a loving and mutually beneficial relationship over many lifetimes; and they scheduled 'accidental' events to fulfill still other lessons and purposes. One man said that as he planned his next life he visualized "a sort of clockwork instrument into which you could insert certain parts in order for specific consequences to follow." (*I just have to say here, that THIS struck me a soooo amazing because, being an astrologer - one's Natal Chart looks much like a clock with energies inserted and moving to make events and characters happen...*)

These consequences were not always pleasant. After being regressed to a metaconscious state, a woman who had been raped when she was thirty-seven revealed that she had actually planned teh event before she had come into this incarnation. As she explained, it had been necessary for her to experience a tragedy at that age in order to force her to change her "entire soul complexion" adn thus break through to a deeper and more positive understanding of the meanign of life. Another subject, a man afflicted with a serious and life-threatening kidney disease, disclosed that he had chosen the illness to punish himself for a past-life transgression. However, he also revealed that dying from the kidney disease was not part of his script, and before he had come into this life he had also arranged to encounter someone or something that would help him remember this fact and hence enable hiim to heal both his guilt and his body. True to his word, after he started his sessions with Whitton he experienced a near-miraculous complete recovery.

Not all of Whitton's subjects were so eager to learn about the future their metaconscious selves had laid out for them. Several censored their own memories and asked Whitton to please give them posthypnotic instructions NOT to remember anything that they had said during trance. As they explained, they did not want to be tempted to tamper with the script their metaconscious selves had written for them.

This is an astounding idea. Is it possible that our unconscious mind is not only aware of the rough outline of our destiny, but actually steers us toward its fulfillment? Whitton's research is not the only evidence that this may be the case. In a statistical study of 28 serious U.S. railroad accidents, parapsychologist William Cox found that significantly fewer people took trains on accident days than on the same day in previous weeks.

**** goes on and on. It's an excellent book. It starts out by explaining the new physics...then slowly enters weird and wonderful realms that past mechanics-based scientists wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole!! (I mean come on!! Why ignore HALF of what's going on just because it doesn't fit in with your Theory?? nuts)

Very very cool book.

That's it for now!

Love Tracey

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