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Re: The Power of the Tongue

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: The Power of the Tongue


From my NDE perspective, ya gotta "walk the talk"...not just "mouth the words." Otherwise, all one's glaring inconsistencies will come back on 'em when they leave this world and flash thru their life review while their next WayStation (after death life) is gettin' itself sorted out in the cosmic wash of "nowhere to place to hide."
If I understand Rudenski's rendition of his NDE, he skipped over his own life review during his death trip. For whatever reason, Spirit decided Rudenski didn't need the "information/distraction/whatever" during his NDE's timeless timeline. Many others, myself included, didn't get the "slack" Rudenski did and were required to take a good gander at all they'd it good, bad or ugly. As a multiple NDEr, I can verify, though, what Rudenski has said about not all NDEr's goin' thru their Life Review during their individualized death trip, because, during my 2-4th NDE, I wasn't required to repeat the Life Review arena of the Near Death Experience as I originally had while undergoing my initial LifeAfterDeath initiation.
Personally speaking, my 1st NDE took me thru all aspects of The Life Review process...every single thought, word & deed that I'd ever committed during my earthly existence was instantaneously revisited with crystal clarity. All of a flash/twinkling/ hyper warp speed. Nothin'...and I mean NOTHING...slipped thru the cracks. Thus, as I sojourned beyond the Life Review...I took with me the knowledge (and dots to be connected) that accompanied such a riveting/ravishing/revealing extra-dimensional experience.
Further, I needed this experience in order to garner an understanding of the imperatives/reasonings associated with establishing/honoring/appreciating/incorporalizing one's loftier priorities/Intentions while living a 3D Life.....because ya don't get away with nothin'.....and ya take with ya "all your junk/gunk" into the far reach of the Black Light......The Void.....which, empty in and of itself, allows one to experience bein' alone with the aloneness of the 3D periphery's self-ish-ness by exposing the composition of crossroad decisions ya made while living an earthbound life. I found The VOID to be a ripper...a shredder of one's shadow/shallow selves/experiences/accumulations that were torched in a fire that is geared to shred one's pre-tentions while gravitating toward the singularity of what, exactly, your primodal Intentions were, to begin with... and it'll char ya clean to the it drives ya to your knees. And...... it burns.
Ya see, having one's bull biscuits (death masks) come flyin' back in yer face rips off the psychological armoring we wear/wore while encased in a physical body that gets left behind...and, in the HereNow of AfterDeathLife Reviewing/Removing, the facades/rationalizations/whatever don't work anymore, because each of us takes our own center stage and the VOID allows us an unobstructed looky see at all our stuff......all of it.
Recently I've gotten emailers from a number of different folks who read this NDE forum, but do not post. I was asked, "How has the NDE affected your relationships with other people?" I responded by saying, "Sometimes good...sometimes bad...and sometimes ugly?" Unfortunately, dismissing what has been quoted in this thread as "flowery rhetoric" that has, if generally applied, been taken out of context, won't win the approval of some of the folks who post herein and, in fact, might result in conjecture that I'm taking on the persona of "The Ugly Dead Guy," again. Yet, I've learned far too much about forked tongued snakes who speak outta both sides of their mouth by utilizing "peace, love and dovism" as mere tools of their insidious con. Many of these con artists, unfortunately, tend to gravitate to the top of 3D life's dung it political, economic, or pseudo religious...and I'm of the opinion that critical thinking/speaking is in order if/when calling them to task is appropriate, because carte blanc pretty talk may sound good on the surface of things, but just may come from a long line of liars. Watch 'em.

"The Bible says, "By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned" (Matt. 12:37); "Death and life are in the power of the tongue" (Prov. 12: 21); And "thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee" (Job 22: 28)."

Not being a bible reader, I don't know how wildly out of context, if at all, these quotes might be. I do know the diction (based on terminology like "thee" and "ye" and "thou" and footnotes (ala Matthew 12:37) tend to muddy up the brew because there's a cultural/religious/sacred cow consciousness built into the philosophic panic buttons utilized to still dissent and quash critical thinking...especially if ya say, "Nope...ain't gonna buy into other people's interpretation of what may or may not be bein' implied, herein." Ya see, it just seems to me that, insofar as the bible be concerned, even the good stuff is weighted down with a buncha controlling, dogmatic paradigms which are meant to obfuscate the Truth of LOVING LOVE. Therefore, I'll avoid pushing other people's religious programming and assume similar points are meant to be made by cg with his inclusion of the quotations that follow and, thus, let's move on.

Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity Church, wrote, "The spoken word carries vibrations through the Universe ether, and also moves the intelligence inherent in every form, animate or inanimate."

Personally speaking, while utilizing critical thinking and life experience as a backdrop, about issues that moves/vibrates others to a more intelligent/informed perspective (even if it sounds "nasty" to those who adhere to a contrary perspective) seems to coincide with what I've learned from my NDEs and, thus, I would agree with what Chuck is saying. Thus, even when incorporating the persona as "The Ugly Dead Guy," I've got no problem with this particular comment.

"Ernest Holme Holmes, founder of the Church of Religious Science, has written: "The word gives form to the unformed. The greater the consciousness behind the word, the more power it will have. Just words, without conviction, have no power, and just conviction, without words, will never stir up latent energy. There must be a combination of the two to make a complete thing."

Mr. Holmes makes some good points, but, taking a look at current affairs, I beg to differ with it's universal application as it regards 3D Land because all manner of "latent energy" can be stirred up by those who manipulate the masses. As example, I've watched folks get all warm & fuzzy when the words, "Freedom, Liberty, Winning Democracy, We Must Defeat the Terrorists, Stay the Course, etc."are utilized. Yet, many times, the originators of these words USE them for control of those who attach far more significance to the warm & fuzzy factor, than the motivation of the wolves who chant 'em from within the midst of the flock. Unfortunately, ya don't really need to do much more than spit flowery rhetoric here and there to land the lost who are lookin' for a way home. Politicians, priest crafts and panderers know this...and they USE WORDS...and know how to move people with 'em.
Sadly, these very same forked tongued tyrants "manage perception" byway of recognizing the power of half-truth, innuendo, outright omission and fabrication to move people based on what they know their audience wants to hear...or is afraid of not hearing.
If Ernest Holmes is still around, maybe he could be contacted, visit this forum and personally discuss more fully his perspective, rather than having to rely/limit him to a one paragraph quote.

"The Tibetan master D.K., through Alice A. Bailey, has said: "Every word differentiated or sythnesized, affects the deva kingdom, and hence the form-buidling aspects of manifestation. No sound is ever made without producing a corresponding response in deva substance."

I don't remember reading any of Alice's stuff. I do recall something about her following in the tradition of Blavatsky. Come to think of it, though, Blavatsky visited The Eddie Brothers in Vermont (just up the road, as a matter of fact) and got a lesson in manifestation that tended to blow/expand her mind and set the stage for the remaining years of her life. Strange, but others visited the Eddie Boys, including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Olcott, and the guy who founded the Church of Latter Day Saints. However, when taking into consideration the deva kingdom and The Green Mountains, I guess it's not so surprising. D.K. sounds "right on," to me...and, thankfully, there are plenty of other folks who feel the same way.

"As author John Randolph Price writes in his beautiful book, THE ANGELS WITHIN US (would not only be in everyone's home but in everyone's hands), "From these resources it should be obvious why the maters of the early academies taught the aspirants to be aware of the consequences of words on the mental, emotional etheric, and physical planes. They were schooled in the Power of sound and how words spoken and a controlled mind could literally change the force field around any form, including the belief system of the personality, and free the imprisoned spiritual consciousness."

This makes sense, but I'd replace "controlled mind" with "critical thinking," instead
Additionally, the power of words can be influenced by the language spoken. If ya ask a practitioner of Huna what makes the Polynesian tongue so powerful, they might respond that it has some something to do with the full bore utilization of vowels which amps extra mana byway of the sonics originating from the chest/heart chakra, rather than the clipped/chopped flow associated with other languages wherein the sonics of speaking emanate from the voice box due to the abundance of consonants employed..
With that said, I might suggest books written by a guy named Serge King who's authored several user friendly works outlining the Huna Way.

"As Price continues to write in ANGELS, he began to use the old Oriental standard to gauge the value of speech: "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it needful?" The result of this brief survey, Price discovered, was that only a few of his remarks passed the three tests. And that he admitted that when monitoring his own words, he missed the mark several times, even though he was consciously trying to measure the quality of what he was saying. "We are all walking around with a loaded gun between our teeth," he revealed, "and our tongues seem to love to pull the trigger."

"Remember," he concluded, "we are either healing or harming" with our words, spoken or written. "There is no in-between, so even in our humor we should practice harmlessness. Let's be builders of the new world through constructive words and creators of harmony with loving words."

Sometimes speaking the truth can be like a sword that'll lance a wound in order to heal it. Sometimes the rhetoric may not be pretty sounding and will be misinterpreted by the very same folks who would benefit the most from listening. At least, that's been my experience....whether on or off the hot seat.
Idle gossip, in general, certainly sucks...and will suck ya into all manner of dumb. Price is probably speaking to this manner of conduct versus that of speaking truth to power and calling to task those of high sounding, yet hollow, rap.


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